Tartare Sauce

We all know tartare as the classic fish sauce but it can be just as compatible with many other foods. The WLR taste team has given their verdict on a few of the tartare sauces available.

Table 1: Tartare Sauce
Product Marks & Spencer Coleman's Tesco
  Marks & Spencer Tartare Sauce Coleman's Tartare Sauce Tesco Tartare Sauce
Ranking 1 2 3
Summary Our tasters went for this one; hook, line and sinker. It was chunky and tangy without being too vinegary. Highly recommended. Tangy, flavourful and just a hint of vinegar, this was quite popular with the tasters. Possibly too strong for some but definitely worth a try. Tesco received a reasonable response for their effort. A bit too reminiscent of McDonald’s McChicken Sandwich sauce for some. Quite low in calories compared to other brands.
Serving Size 15g 15ml 10g
Calories (kcal) per serving 49 42 29
Fat (g) per serving 4.1 3.4 2.2
Table 2: Tartare Sauce
Product Waitrose Sainsburys
  Waitrose Tartare Sauce Sainsbury's Tartare Sauce
Ranking 4 5
Summary There were a range of opinions given for this one although all the tasters agreed it had a creamy, vinegary, not too sweet taste. As an overall rating we would have to say: average. There was an uninspired reaction for Sainsbury’s sauce. Perhaps the French Mayo style was not for our panel. Also, having the highest calories of the bunch this is not one you would want to reel in.
Serving Size 15g 10ml
Calories (kcal) per serving 43 47
Fat (g) per serving 3.2 4.9


There does seem to be a bit of a gap in the low-calorie tartare sauce market. We had to open up this challenge to include the heavyweights.

Marks & Spencer's came out on top with Coleman's and Tesco close behind. These were three quite different styles of sauce but each of them could give a dish that something extra.

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