Ice Cream Sticks

Just what we need on a hot summer's day: a tasty, refreshing snack. Just what we don't need: the high fat and sugar content of many ice cream sticks. The WLR team have tasted some of the low-calorie options...

Product Magnum Light Marks & Spencer Count On Us Toffee Cream Swirl Lolly The Skinny Cow Chocolate Fudge
  Magnum, Light Marks & Spencer, Count On Us Skinny Cow
Ranking 1 2 3
Summary This really had the competition licked. A "proper" chocolate and ice cream taste. Rich and filling. Plus the firmer ice cream and chocolate shell means it spends more time on the stick and less on your hands. It does taste higher in calories and fat than the rest, and it is. Still, a better alternative to the full-fat version. A good look and a good size. These were a delicious toffee flavour. A light, creamy taste that was very refreshing. Also, these are quite low in fat. A great choice. The rich, very chocolatey taste was well received by the panel. A "powdery" aftertaste did put some off. Possibly trying to be too chocolatey. They have done well to keep the fat and calorie levels down.
Serving Size 84g Stick 70g Stick 110ml Stick
Calories (kcal) 170 90 73
Fat (g) 9.9 1.3 0.5
Product Mini Milk - Chocolate Slim-Fast Chocolate and Caramel
  Mini Milk Slim-Fast
Ranking 4 5
Summary Nice and simple, inoffensive flavour and smooth texture. This is a good healthy option and great as a quick chocolate fix. Possibly too small as an adult snack. Slim-Fast were given the cold shoulder by the tasters. Quite an appealing look but they were small and not very refreshing. Some thought the flavours clashed and cancelled each other out. For others it was a thick, nutty taste which was off-putting.
Serving Size 23g Stick 55g Stick
Calories (kcal) 29 88
Fat (g) 0.7 2.3


Some may see the Magnum Light as a low calorie snack in name only but it is clearly a quality product to budget into your daily, or possibly weekly, calorie quota. The Marks & Spencer and Skinny Cow both kept their cool and came up with some tasty options. The Slim-Fast snack was disappointing and can't even claim to be the lowest in calories.

On the whole, some good choices here for a refreshing treat.

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