Frozen Fruit Kebabs

Frozen Fruit Treats

By WLR Staff, Julie Howard

I came across this Frozen Treat Maker gadget, for making Fruit Kebabs, while looking for Lolly Makers in Lakeland and, as the packaging rightly says, I thought “What a clever idea!”, freeze fruit. So, I bought it for a bargain price of £3.95 and took it home to try it out.

On testing I decided to steer away from citrus fruits as I thought they would be too high in water content and would just turn out like chunks of ice. However I had a surprising result from grapes with their high water content and will be trying citrus fruits in my next batch of frozen fruit kebabs.

So for now this is what I’ve tested and what I think works best, this is a great cooling treat and a way to make your lunch last longer, I love it and will definitely be hogging the freezer at work with some of my frozen fruit favourites!

  • Apple – Wasn’t impressed with this, you might as well have been sucking an ice cube, very little flavour at all.
  • Banana – Yum… if you like bananas this is a great way to make them last longer.
  • Grapes – Icy, but not hard. Almost like a well-frozen ice junky once you’ve bitten into it. Extremely refreshing.
  • Kiwi – Quite icy, but again not hard and full of tang.
  • Mango – Lovely texture, flavour wasn’t brilliant though.
  • Melon – Although quite ice like, unlike the apple pieces, kept all its flavour and was again very refreshing.
  • Raspberries – Come apart in your mouth so you get lots of little frozen balls full of all that raspberry flavour.
  • Strawberries – Surprisingly, rock solid! Nice though if you can munch away on them, but it’s a bit messy and not something you probably want to try if you’ve got company.

Other fruity suggestions:

Apricots, cherries, passion fruit, peaches, pears or pineapple.

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