Frozen Desserts

It's very easy to undo the good intentions of a calorie controlled meal by giving in to a high-fat dessert. We give our opinions on some of the lower calorie frozen treats available on the high street.

Product Asda Good For You! Chocolate Marshmallow Dessert Waitrose Perfectly Balanced Raspberry Iced Dessert Sundae Tesco Healthy Living Chocolate and Vanilla Sundae
  Asda, Good for You Waitrose, Perfectly Balanced Tesco, Healthy Living
Ranking 1 2 3
Summary Like a frozen version of a chocolate mousse; only with chewy marshmallow pieces to give it a more substantial mouth presence. This was the team's favourite as soon as they saw it. A great effort from Asda. Very light, melts quickly in the mouth. With a 'whipped meringue'-like appearance. Good flavour and nice texture; fluffy and refreshing. The appearance of the Tesco topping concerned some testers: not yellow enough to be custard, not white enough to be cream. Though, on tasting they were rewarded with a very light, refreshing mousse. The chocolate underneath was also very good. Maybe not remarkable enough to score higher.
Serving Size 150ml 150ml 79.5g
Calories (kcal) 140 142 128
Fat (g) 1.8 2.5 2.1
Product Weight Watchers Double Chocolate Brownie Slim-Fast Vanilla and Strawberry Mini Tub Weight Watchers Chocolate with Honeycomb Pieces
  Weight Watchers Slim Fast Weight Watchers
Ranking 4 5 6
Summary This was the most immediately appealing dessert in the test; big, nicely presented and with various layers and textures. However, behind all this it was actually quite plain. The ice cream layer lacked flavour and only the "brownie" part was notable for being nice and moist. A frozen yoghurt with jelly-like sauce; according to our tasters. For some this was too artificial and syrupy sweet flavoured. But it is likely to gain a few supporters. Very small compared to the others; not a full-sized dessert at all. Not particularly chocolaty and the honeycomb pieces idea did not work at all. Left an unpleasant taste in the mouth.
Serving Size 83g 60g 100ml
Calories (kcal) 146 99 92
Fat (g) 2.5 1.4 2.5


There was little to choose between these in terms of calorie and fat content; although they were slightly higher in the Weight Watchers and Slim-Fast. When it came to tasting, though, Asda and Waitrose were the clear winners. Both excellent as low calorie choices for satisfying, indulgent desserts.

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