Chocolate Snacks - Tried and Tasted

Every Easter it seems many people celebrate the return of the chocolate egg. The WLR Tried and Tasted team have investigated the latest snack products designed to satisfy those chocolate cravings that seem particularly strong at Easter.

Remember, the Tried and Tasted Team don’t know which product is which, so there’s no bias involved!

Table 1: Low Calorie Chocolate Snacks Compared
Product Cadbury Highlights Chocolate Nibbles Cadbury Highlights Honeycomb Flavour Nibbles Cadbury Highlights Caramel Mallows
  Cadbury Chocolate Nibbles Cadbury Honeycomb Nibbles Cadbury Caramel Mallows
Ranking 1 2 3
Taste/Texture After the initial surprise at how small these were they proved it's definitely what you do with it that counts. Though dry and crunchy they're also very satisfying and with just enough chocolate to know that you've had some. Hailed as the most exciting of the group, this was very similar to the chocolate Nibbles but with a little something extra. Perhaps not enough honeycomb flavour to take first place. Despite the pack image seeming to promise more caramel than was delivered the team were able to forgive these satisfying teacakes. Particularly the depth of chocolate taste contained in such a thin coating.
Calorie Content per Serving 75 (per bag) 75 (per bag) 61 (per 15g mallow)
Table 2: More Low Calorie Chocolate Snacks Compared
Product Nestlé Sveltesse Apricot & Green Tea And Chocolate Bars Mr Kipling Delightful Chocolate Slices Fox's Officially Low Fat Chocolate & Orange Flavour Cereal Bars
  Nestle Chocolate Bars Mr Kipling Chocolate Slices Foxs Chocolate and Orange Cereal Bars
Ranking 4 5 6
Taste/Texture Seeming less than the sum of its parts, Nestlé could probably develop this into two decent bars: a chocolate and an apricot. As it stands, quite tasty, though the chocolate seems to be getting in the way. A good moist cake texture and fairly chocolatey. Unfortunately a "washing up liquid" aftertaste did not leave the palette clean.

They may legitimately carry the phrase "low fat" but some of our team would question the validity of "chocolate and orange flavour". The description "stale rice cakes" summed up the mood.

Calorie Content per Serving 98 (per 25g bar) 91 (per slice) 54 (per 19g bar)
Table 3: More Low Calorie Chocolate Snacks Compared
Product Marks & Spencer Count On Us... Chocolate Biscuit Sticks
  M&S Chocolate Biscuit Sticks
Ranking 7
Taste/Texture The lowest number of calories per suggested serving size. Although after your first one you might not be reaching for any more. Hard to shake from your mind the idea that they're just sweetened breadsticks.
Calorie Content per Serving 45 (per 3 biscuits)

The chocolate lovers of the taste team were eagerly awaiting this test and the results proved to be quite a mixed bag. Fox's and Marks and Spencer's offerings were packing few calories but shot wide of the mark for a chocolate hit.

It was the Highlights who were the shining example to the rest and were far from having the highest number of calories per serving.

Overall, when the last crumb had fallen and the last finger was licked we had learned that low calorie chocolate snacks do not have to be smothered in chocolate nor bursting with calories to scratch that cocoa itch.


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