Chocolate Treat
Low Calorie Chocolate Treats

The WLR Tried and Tasted Team set out to find chocolate treats which satisfy those chocolate cravings without being high in calories!

Low Calorie Chocolate Treats - Tried and Tasted

The chocolate cravings have kicked in and your willpower is waning even thought you know chocolate is high in calories.

The WLR Team are on hand to give you some ideas of low calorie chocolate treats available in supermarkets. Not easily pleased, the team wants to know which product satisfies the chocolate cravings without blowing your calorie allowance.

We’ve taken a range of low calorie chocolate treats, all packed full of choc and all under 200 calories and (without much persuasion) we’ve sampled them all. The Taste Team scrutinised appearance, smell, taste, texture and satisfaction to bring you the low-down on which chocolate dessert to go for to get the best chocolate fix!

Our Tasters scored all the desserts out of 5 and they have all been ranked in order according to their score.

Product Weight Watchers Chocolate Sponge Pudding Tesco Light Choices Chocolate Sundae Sainsbury’s Be Good To Yourself Belgian Chocolate Sponge Puddings
  Weight Watchers Chocolate Sponge Puddings Tesco Light Choices Chocolate Sundae Sainsburys Belgian Chocolate Sponge Puddings
Ranking 1 2 3
Appearance Lovely and chocolatey and covered in a yummy chocolate sauce. For once the Taste Team were impressed. This treat got our Tasters the most excited. Full of chocolate, cream and brownies they couldn’t wait to dig in! Not quite as appetising as Weight Watchers sponge pudding, but not far behind.
Smell One of the only desserts that actually smelled of chocolate! The smell disappointed a little although we did get a few hints of chocolate and vanilla. This pud let itself down on smell. The Tasters thought it was a bit artificial.
Taste The Tasters loved it! Lovely and chocolatey with an excellent sauce to satisfy our chocolate cravings. One taster opted for a second pud ‘just to check it still tasted good.’ We loved the chocolate and the cream and it certainly didn’t taste like the usual low calorie treats. However the chocolate brownie was a bit dry, letting the dessert down and as a result it came in second. The taste wasn’t bad but the Tasters thought it lacked the chocolatey kick of the higher ranking desserts and didn’t satisfy their chocolate cravings. It had a slightly artificial aftertaste and all in all was declared ‘fairly average.’
How Filling/ Satisfying? The taste team didn’t want to share this pudding. They thought if they could just grab one for themselves they’d be very satisfied. The Taste Team didn’t think this dessert would fill you up although it would satisfy your chocolate cravings. Averagely filling, averagely satisfying – what you’d expect from a third placed pud.
Texture/ Consistency Nice thick sponge which went well with the sauce. If we had one tiny criticism it would be that the sauce was a little thin – but that’s just being picky! A nice mousse and cream combination, although the dry and crumbly brownie was a let down. A bit dry and stodgy – lacked the luxury of other puds.
Conclusion We were really pleased with this low calorie pud and think that if it’s a chocolate treats you’re looking for, you won’t go wrong with this one from Weight Watchers. A good effort by Tesco which one Taster described as ‘choc city!’ A few tweaks would have made it even better. Unlike your everyday chocolate treat which is high in calories, this one saves you a few so won’t break the bank.   The taste wasn’t bad, but it didn’t completely satisfy our chocolate cravings. If it’s a chocolatey pud you’re after you can find better.
Calories (per serving) 186 (per 100g pot) 170 (per 125g pot) 173 (per 110g pot)
Price £1.99 (for 2 pots) £1 (per pot) £1.70 (for 2 pots)
Product Cadbury Light Trifle Sainsbury’s Be Good To Yourself Belgian Chocolate Trifle
  Cadbury's Light Trifle Sainsburys Belgian Chocolate Trifle
Ranking 4 5
Appearance The cream on top looked artificial and after one Taster described it as ‘runny egg white’ we were a bit put off. One Taster thought it looked ‘too shiny’ making him suspicious of what was to come. ‘Foul’ and ‘runny.’
Smell Not much of a smell – a bit artificial. The Tasters were scared to smell after taking one look at this trifle. Fortunately they had a lucky escape as it smelled of nothing!
Taste A big let down from Cadbury who we hoped would do better. Artificial and not very chocolatey. One Taster described it as ‘a waste of anticipation.’ He was not happy. ‘Bland,’ ‘boring’ and ‘no taste at all.’ A bit artificial and strange.
How Filling/ Satisfying? We think we’d be sick if we finished it. No one could eat enough to find out if our chocolate cravings would be satisfied.  
Texture/ Consistency A bit sloppy for a trifle. The sloppy chocolate and cream were interspersed with soggy sponge. Yuck!
Conclusion Overall we were really disappointed by Cadbury. If you’re looking for low calorie chocolate treats then don’t go for this trifle – you’ll be disappointed. Sainsbury’s definitely got it wrong with their trifle. It tasted low calorie and wasn’t the chocolate treat we had hoped for. We’d rather have the full fat chocolate, even if it is high in calories!
Calories (per serving) 130 (per 90g pot) 132 (per 100g pot)
Price £1.60 (for 3 pots) £1.60 (for 3 pot)

Weight Watchers were the winner of the low calorie chocolate treats with their sponge pudding which left all our Taste Team feeling happy. It doesn’t taste low calorie and definitely satisfies our chocolate cravings. The Tried and Tasted Team decided that trifles do not make good low calorie alternatives and would recommend you avoid them at all costs!

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