Low Calorie Mature Cheese - Tried and Tasted

Cheese is one of the nation's favourite sandwich fillers - but more than that, cheese is an essential ingredient in so many recipes. With the average serving (1oz/30g) of mature cheddar cheese coming in at 123kcal and 10.3 g fat, we can see why Weight Loss Resources' members were requesting a tried and tasted comparison of low calorie cheese.

Always willing to oblige, the infamous WLR taste team got stuck into half fat / low fat versions of mature cheese, here's their verdict.

Table 1: Lower Fat Mature Cheese Comparison
Product Marks and Spencer Half Fat Mature Cheddar Morrisons Eat Smart Half Fat Mature Cheese Cathedral City Lighter Mature 30% Less Fat
  Half Fat Mature Cheddar, M&S Half Fat Mature Cheese, Eat Smart Mature 30% Less Fat Cathedral City, Lighter
Ranking 1 2 2
Appearance Good Good Good
Smell Strong Good Good
Taste Strong Nice Nice
Texture/ Consistency Crumbly Smooth Smooth
Conclusion Strong and crumbly by far the tastiest and best texture. Not very strong for a mature cheese but pretty tasty. A great 'Mature yet mellow' alternative to full fat cheese.
Calories (kcal) per 30g serving 83 78 93
Fat (g) per 30g serving 5.1 4.5 6.5
Table 2: More Lower Fat Mature Cheese Compared
Product Les Kol Half Fat Mature Cheddar Weight Watchers Low Fat Mature Cheese
  Half Fat Mature Cheese, Les Kol Low Fat Mature Cheese, Weight Watchers
Ranking 4 5
Appearance Good Good
Smell Fruity Unpleasant
Taste Unpleasant Unpleasant
Texture/ Consistency Rubbery Rubbery
Conclusion Rubbery with an unusual fruity smell and taste. Hard to swallow. Hard and  rubbery with an unpleasant flavour.
Calories (kcal) per 30g serving 84 49
Fat (g) per 30g serving 5.0 0.7

M&S have not only produced the best tasting lower calorie mature cheese - but they also beat brand leader, Cathedral City's 'Lighter' addition to their range on calories and fat too!

Having said that, both Cathedral City Lighter and Morrisons Eat Smart would make a good lower calorie alternative to mature cheese.

Les Kol is to be avoided.

And finally, Weight Watchers proved that there is a limit to how far you can reduce the fat and calorie content of cheese. By reducing the calorie and fat content of cheese so dramatically, they have in fact produced an artificial, inedible substance that cannot be called cheese!

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