Enjoy Your Christmas Treats for Fewer Calories

Enjoy Your Christmas Treats for Fewer Calories

Tasty calories tempt us from all directions at Christmas. A minefield for people trying to lose weight or minimise weight gain over the festive season. As the saying goes, ‘I can resist anything but temptation’.   

So how do you have a very Merry without piling on the pounds or being a party pooper?

To help with damage limitation, we went shopping at six major supermarkets to look for the calorie highs and lows of popular Christmas sweet treats.

We looked at calories in mince pies, Christmas cake, Christmas pudding, Yule logs, Pannetone and Stollen. What was encouraging was that most of the supermarkets we looked at have reduced the calories slightly in some of their products in comparison to last year!

At the bottom of the list you'll find some extra treats that are 'reasonably' low in calories. (We say reasonably because let's be honest, we know Christmas treats are going to be calorific!)

We have used the recommended serving sizes as stated by the manufacturer. However, there is nothing stopping you having a smaller portion to save a few more calories.

Mince Pies

If you're partial to a mince pie (or few) over the festive season, you could be adding quite a few extra calories. Luckily most of the big supermarkets have seen the light and now most offer mini mince pies. We think this is a geat idea - so long as you stop at one!


  Instead of this... Try this...

Finest Mince Pies
251 calories per pie

Finest Mini Mince Pies
82 calories per pie


Deep Filled Mince Pies
235 calories per pie

All Butter Mini Mince Pies, Taste the Difference
98 calories per pie


Extra Special Luxury Mince Pies
244 calories per pie


Extra Special Luxury Mini Mince Pies
81 calories per pie


The Best Deep Filled Mince Pies
218 calories per pie

The Best Mini Mince Pies
121 calories per pie


Shortcrust Mince Pies
237 calories per pie

No.1 Mini All Butter Mince Pies
111 calories per pie


Specially Selected All Butter Classic Mince Pies
234 calories per pie

Specially Selected All Butter Classic Mini Mince Pies
109 calories per pie

Mr Kipling

Deep Filled Mince Pies
249 calories per pie

Mini Mince Pie Selection
120 calories per pie

If you stop for a coffee, take care - Costa’s Mince Tart will set you back 329 cals! It is a bit of a beast at 86g, so you could share one with a friend for 165 calories each instead.


Christmas Cake

Christmas Cake is heavy on the calories. So, if you want to have your cake and eat it, what can you do? You could try having a smaller portion than recommended on the pack. After all, it is the first few bites that taste the best, especially when you're eating cakes and puddings. Or have a look at alternatives to a big single cake. Bars, slices and bites all help keep portions in check.

  Instead of this... Try this...

Finest Mini Iced Christmas Cake
284 calories per half cake

Finest Rich Christmas Cake
182 calories per slice


Frosty Snowflake Iced Christmas Cake, Taste the Difference
278 calories per slice

Iced Rich Christmas Cake, Taste the Difference
241 calories per slice


Extra Special Brandy Soaked Fully Iced Fruit Cake
284 calories per slice

Iced Fruit Cake
237 calories per slice


Christmas Fully Iced Tree Cake
236 calories per slice

Rich Fruit Christmas Cake Slices
180 calories per slice


Richly Fruited Christmas Cake
284 calories per slice


Christmas Iced Fruit Cake Bites
54 calories per bite


Holly Lane Top Iced Christmas Cake
274 calories per slice

Holly Lane Top Iced Fruit Cake Bar
177 calories per slice


Christmas Puddings

Christmas pud is normally very high in calories because of the alcohol and richness. The wlr foodies were surprised that, in some cases, the luxury range puddings fared better than the others. Individual puddings were lower in calories than a recommended serving of their larger counterparts. Here's our findings...

  Instead of this... Try this...

Finest Christmas Pudding
329 calories per serving

Christmas Pudding
301 calories per serving


Cognac Laced 18 Month Matured Individual Christmas Pudding, Taste the Difference
337 calories per pudding

Hidden Cherry Centre Christmas Pudding, Taste the Difference
275 calories per serving


Extra Special 9 Month Matured Luxury Christmas Pudding
390 calories per serving

Individual Extra Special 9 Month Matured Luxury Christmas Pudding
344 calories per pudding


The Best Christmas Pudding
318 calories per serving

No option - try a smaller slice
344 calories per pudding


No.1 Cherry & Almond Christmas Pudding
342 calories per serving

Richly Fruited Christmas Pudding
320 calories per pudding


Specially Selected 30 Month Matured Christmas Pudding
391 calories per serving

Specially Selected Rich & Fruity Christmas Pudding
329 calories per serving

Or try making your own using wlr's Low Calorie Christmas Pudding Recipe with just 219 calories per portion.


Yule Log

If your Christmas tea table isn’t complete without a Yule Log, you may want to keep a close eye on your serving size. Have a slice of Morrison's Chocolate Fudge Yule Log and yule be adding 292 calories to your day... But it sure looks good!

  Instead of this... Try this...

Finest Belgian Chocolate Yule Log
257 calories per slice

Chocolate Yule Log
134 calories per slice


Milk Chocolate Yule Log, Taste the Difference
256 calories per slice

Chocolate Yule Log
137 calories per slice


Extra Special Luxury Belgian Chocolate Frosted Yule Log
255 calories per slice


Christmas Yule Log
143 calories per slice


The Best Chocolate Fudge Yule Log
292 calories per slice

Try a smaller slice!



A slice of Stollen can add a massive 399 calories (Kuchenmeister Marzipan Stolen). If you're looking for an easy way to keep on track but still have a little of what you fancy opt for Stollen bites and have one or two. (Maybe, just the one if you shop in Asda!) If bites aren't available, go for the slices.

Morrisons don't currently offer Stollen Bites in their Christmas range - try cutting the slices into 2 or 3 bite sized pieces instead!

  Instead of this... Try this...

Finest Cherry and Almond Stollen Slices
267 calories per slice

Stollen Bites Slices
146 calories per slice


Fruit & Nut Topped Stollen, Taste the Difference
262 calories per slice

Stollen Slices, Taste the Difference
136 calories per slice


Extra Special Caramel Stollen
168 calories per slice

Stollen Slices
196 calories per slice


Stollen Cake Slices
119 calories per slice

Morrisons don't currently sell any bites - why not try cutting a slice into two or three bites?

Christmas Stollen
186 calories per slice



Christmas Stollen Bites
71 calories per bite

Specially Selected Stollen
248 calories per slice

Specially Selected Stollen Bites
88 calories per bite



For those of you who feel it's not Christmas without a Panettone, you might want to rethink. All of the Panettones we looked at were quite high in calories. A Mini Panettone from Sainsbury's is a shocking 376 calories per cake! Obviously, if you can't do without, you could just eat half a serving and halve the calories too.

  Instead of this... Try this...

Finest Amaretto Panettone
332 calories per slice

320 calories per slice


Mini Panettone
376 calories per cake


231 calories per slice


Il Vecchio Forno Classic Panettone 100g
365 calories per cake

Il Vecchio Forno Classic Panettone 500g
356 calories per slice


Waitrose Christmas Fruited Panettone 750g
337 calories per slice

Waitrose Christmas Fruited Panettone 500g
303 calories per slice


Fancy something different?

All of the supermarkets we checked out have a large range of Christmas goodies – all very calorific. We don’t want you to have to go without though so, we have taken a look at some of our favourites and have found 3 items from each supermarket that come in under 200 calories per portion. You really don’t have to deprive yourself this Christmas. Everything in moderation!


Iced Fruit Cake Slices - 171 calories

Christmas Gingerbread Mini Biscuits - 48 calories

Mince Pie Cookies - 104 calories


Mincemeat Puffs - 105 calories

Ecclefehan Tarts - 194 calories

Lebkuchen Star Biscuits - 48 calories


Extra Special Crumble Top Mince Pies - 194 calories

Cheeky Elf Chocolate Mini Rolls - 134 calories

Gingerbread Festive Friends - 43 calories


Marshmallow Snowman Biscuits - 105 calories

The Best Black Forest Mince Pie Crumbles - 184 calories

The Best Chocolate Truffle Selection - 61 calories


Christmas Chocolate Brownie Bites - 76 calories

Christmas Mini Sponge Cupcakes - 79 calories

Scottish Shortbread Stars - 73 calories


Sloe Gin Mince Pies - 199 calories

Frangipane Mince Pies - 191 calories

Reindeer Ice Cream Lollies - 62 calories

If you are trying to watch the calories this Christmas, introduce some of our swaps and you can still have some of the lovely treats without seriously breaking the calorie bank!

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