Enjoy Your Christmas Treats for Fewer Calories

Enjoy Your Christmas Treats for Fewer Calories

Christmas comes hand in hand with some really yummy treats. But those treats can be a real minefield for people that may be on a weight loss journey or wanting to minimise weight gain over the festive season. As the saying goes, ‘I can resist anything but temptation’.   

So how do you have a very Merry without piling on the pounds or being a party pooper?

To help with damage limitation, we went shopping to look for the calorie highs and lows of popular Christmas sweet treats.

We looked at calories in mince pies, Christmas cake, Christmas pudding, Pannetone and Stollen. At the bottom of the list you'll find some new treats that are under 200 calories.

We have used the recommended serving sizes as stated by the manufacturer. However, there is nothing stopping you having a smaller portion to save a few more calories.

Mince Pies

If you're partial to a mince pie (or few) over the festive season, you could be adding quite a few extra calories. Luckily most of the big supermarkets have see the light and now most offer mini mince pies. We think this is a geat idea - so long as you stop at one!

  Instead of this... Try this...

Finest Mince Pies
239 calories per pie


Finest MINI Mince Pies
85 calories per pie


TTD All Butter Mince Pies
215 calories per pie

TTD All Butter Mini Mince Pies
98 calories per pie


The Best Mince Pies
218 calories per pie

The Best Mini Mince Pies
121 calories per pie

Mr Kipling

Deep Filled Mince Pies
249 calories per pie

Mini Mince Pies
118 calories per pie

If you stop for a coffee, take care - Costa’s Mince Tart will set you back 390 cals! It is a bit of a beast at 103g, so you could share one with a friend for 195 calories each instead.


Christmas Cake

Christmas Cake is heavy on taste but also on the calories. So, if you want to have your cake and eat it, what can you do? You could try having a smaller portion than recommended on the pack. After all it is the first few bites that taste the best, especially when you're eating cakes and puddings. Or have a look at alternatives to a big single cake. Bars, slices and bites all help keep portions in check.

  Instead of this... Try this...

Finest Rich Fruit Cake Cake
282 calories per cake

Finest Rich Fruit Cake Bar
176 calories per slice


TTD Free From Iced Christmas Cake
287 calories per slice

TTD Iced Rich Fruit Cake Slices
179 calories per slice


The Best Fully Iced Christmas Cake
219 calories per slice

The Best Iced Fruit Bar
171 calories per slice


Christmas Puddings

Christmas pud is normally very high in calories because of the alcohol and richness. The wlr foodies were surprised that Morrison's luxury version fared better than their Rich Christmas pud. Tesco only seem to have their luxury version at the moment so, we looked for another pudding that might hit the spot on their shelves. Here's our findings...

  Instead of this... Try this...

Finest Christmas Pudding
329 calories per serving

Aunty's Sticky Toffee Pudding
279 calories per pudding


TTD Christmas Pudding
337 calories per serving


Free From Christmas Pudding
303 calories per pudding


Rich Fruit Christmas Pudding
355 calories per serving

The Best Christmas Pudding
314 calories per serving

Or try making your own using wlr's Low Calorie Christmas Pudding Recipe with just 219 calories per portion.



A slice of Stollen is generally high in calories. If you're looking for an easy way to keep on track but still have a little of what you fancy opt for Stollen bites and have one or two.

  Instead of this... Try this...

Stollen Loaf
202 calories per slice


Finest Stollen Slices
146 calories per bite


TTD Stollen Slices
136 calories per slice

Kuchenmeister Luxury Marzipan Stollen
134 calories per slice


Stollen Loaf
214 calories per slice

Stollen Bites
126 calories per 2 bites


And now for something different

While we were wandering up and down the aisles, we decided to put together an 'alternative list' of goodies that are all under 200 calories. Take a look at what we found . . .

Tesco Gingerbread Men

Tesco Mini Gingerbread Men ~ 4 biscuits 116 cals

Tesco Lebkuchen Iced Stars

Tesco Lebkuchen Iced Stars ~ 4 stars 200 cals

Thomas Fudge's Salted Caramel Florentines

Sainsburys Thomas Fudge's Salted Caramel Florentines ~ 103 per florentine

Joe & Seph's Milk Chocolate Popcorn Star

Joe & Seph's Milk Chocolate Popcorn Stars ~ 83 cals per serving

Sainsbury's Free From Chocolate & Cherry Tarts, Taste the Difference

Sainsbury's TTD Free From Chocolate & Cherry Tarts ~ 170 cals per tart

Morrisons Petticoat Tails

Morrisons Petticoat Tails ~ 2 biscuits 114 cals

Bahlsen Gingerbread Hearts Biscuits

Morrisons Bahlsen Gingerbread Heart Biscuits ~ 3 biscuits 139 cals

After Eight Mojito & Mint Dark Chocolate Thins

After Eight Mojito & Mint Dark Chocolate Thins ~ 4 thins 140 cals

Terrys Chocolate Orange Truffles

Terrys Chocolate Orange Truffles ~ 2 truffles 106 cals

Cadbury Dairy Milk Winter Orange

Cadbury Dairy Milk Winter Orange ~ 6 chunks 120 cals

After Eight Mint Chocolate Straws

After Eight Mint Chocolate Straws ~ 4 straws 97 cals


If you are trying to watch the calories this Christmas, introduce some of our swaps and you can still have some of the lovely treats without seriously breaking the calorie bank!

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