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News of a new program, iTrain, which provides portable fitness training for everyone.

iTrain™ - Fitness Training When You Want It

By WLR Staff, by Kelly Olsen

What is iTrain™?

iTrain™ programs are audio MP3 files that combine workouts designed by personal trainers set to music, all in one package.

iTrain™ has a whole range of fitness programs designed for MP3 players such as the iPod. You simply choose your preferred type of workout like running, spinning or even rock climbing, download it and then follow it. iTrain™ market this as ‘…cutting edge portable fitness training for everyone and every body…’

Who’s Behind this New Fitness Idea?

iTrain™ is the idea of co-founders Grace Lazenby and Sebastian Reant. Grace is the fitness expert and has been in the fitness industry for 15 years and Sebastian is the music and technology guru with a background as an executive in the music industry. Grace’s idea was to use the MP3 technology to bring her fitness and exercise routines to a much larger audience – clever eh and profitable!

Using the iTrain™ Fitness Programs

The best bit about iTrain™ is that you don’t have to come up with a fitness plan by yourself. Listen to the tracks, which I found to be really excellent remixed music and it’s almost as if you have your own personal trainer at your fingertips. I tried the spinning one recently and it was pretty good, not as good as a group class, but certainly motivating and I definitely worked harder with it than I usually do.

There is no doubt that people are downloading stuff from the Internet like crazy and downloads are not just for the young, studies show that all ages are taking part. Downloads of music have increased by 67% in 2006 and increases in the download of news, drama and other media are also increasing dramatically. I am sure that this type of fitness training will be popular. I am not so sure it will replace the personal trainer or group classes in the gym, but is definitely a great addition to your fitness regime.

What’s Next?

Certainly for personal trainers it is potentially an extra earner if they copy this model and start to produce their own downloads. PTs will no doubt record training sessions for their clients, providing an extra service to keep their clients motivated and of course the next logical step is to record fitness and training videos for MP4 players.


The costs for iTrain™ are:

A La Carte – download on a pay per download basis starts at $0.99 per download, although the general price is about $5.00

Monthly Motivator – gives you 3 workouts a month and is for a 3 month minimum sign up, if you want to purchase additional ones then the A La Carte pricing applies.

Resolutions Package - is for a year and costs $79.99 for 3 workouts a month, if you want to purchase additional ones then the A La Carte pricing applies.

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