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This tool allows you to plot a route on a map and see how far along you have got with the distance you walked. You can draw your route anywhere in the world; follow the Great Wall of China, cross a continent, wherever you want to go. To get you started you could choose one of our preset walks such as the London marathon course.

Quick Start

Drag and zoom the map to find where you want to walk.

Click on the map to set a start point.

Click on some other places to add more points to your route.

You can change your route by dragging the circle points on the line.

To see your progress enter the number of miles (or kilometres) in the Progress box and Click "Show".

Creating a Route

Firstly, choose a place to start your walk. You can drag the map or use the arrows on the top left of the map to move around and the + and - (or mouse scroll wheel) to zoom in and out. Click once on the map to add your first point. Continue clicking to add more points to the route. The end point will be shown with a marker.

Clicking the hand icon at the top of the map allows you to edit the line. You can move points around by dragging the solid white circles on the line. By dragging the mid-point circles on the line, you can create more points and more detail within the line without having to move any other points.

Clicking the Delete button will delete the last point you created. Double-clicking any point will delete it rom anywere in the line. You can clear the whole route by clicking "Delete All".

As you add more points your route is drawn and the total distance is shown below. Clicking the "Zoom" button will fit your whole route in the map window. If you like, you can use one of our premade routes by clicking its link from the list.

If you type the total distance you have walked (in miles or kilometres) into the box and click "Show" you can see how far along the route you have travelled. You can choose to show distances in miles or kilometres using the dropdown.

If you want to alter or extend your route simply click "Edit Mode" and follow the directions as above. To hide the markers and exit Editing Mode click on "Progress Mode".

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