The Top 11 Walks in the Peak District

The Peak District is a stunning area that is surrounded by some of the most versatile countrysides you are likely to come across, and the walks offered by it are simply amazing.

Located near Nottingham and Liverpool, it may not be a hidden location, but the trails are not as well-known as they should be. For those who live by the trail and hike avidly, there are plenty of challenging trails like the Flash and Dane Valley for you to try and conquer.

However, it is also appealing to those who have wheelchairs or pushchairs due to accessible routes such as the Yorkshire Bridge Circular.

If you like the idea of a pub stop, trails like the Shatton to Hathersage route have plenty of lovely little pubs for you to stop in at on your way.

Practically every walk is happy for dogs to come along with you, just make sure that you read any rules before you head out with your furry friend.

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 are the Best Walks in the Peak District?


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