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Walking Events

Walking in a group is a great way to get fit while you socialise and make new friends. 

There's normally something for everyone amongst these walking event organisers. From a one mile stroll to a 100k trek, and all points in-between.

They are organised group events, and most are for the purpose of raising money for various charities. WLR's Walk the Weight Off Challenge will help you train for the longer distance walks.

Join the Walk the Weight Off Challenge

Fun and motivation go hand in hand in this challenge, you get a progress map that fills up with colourful country icons to show the destinations you have reached. (You have to walk the flight time.) Fancy Fiji? Get Walking!

See the challenge info or take a free trial to get started.

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Useful Links for Walkers:

Check out these links for regular walks and more information:

Central London Outdoor Group

Saturday Walkers Club (London and Southeast)


British Walking Festivals

Long Distance Walkers Association

The Ramblers

Ramble On

Shepherds Walks

National Parks - Family Walks

National Trust - Top 10 Family Walks

Tinies - Family Friendly Walks

The New Forest - Family Walks

Walk It - Create your own walk

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