Change Your Self Talk

Change Your Self-Talk to Change Your Self

by wlr Personal Trainer Carla van Traa REPS L4

As a Personal Trainer I believe it’s always great to set physical goals and work on our physical bodies, however it's just as important to work on our mental health and positivity too.

If you really want to see changes in your life and health it's best to work from the inside out.

It takes more than just exercise to attain that beautiful, confident, summer glow.

Every day I hear and see clients and friends beating themselves up with negativity about themselves, their bodies, and their lifestyle.  They talk about themselves with such venom sometimes.

Do you hear yourself saying anything like this to yourself on a regular basis?

"I'm so fat."

"I hate my thighs."

"My bums is too big.

"I'm not strong enough."

“I’m too old”

“I’m too fat to wear that”

“I look terrible”

“My tummy is so flabby”

Do any of these statements sound familiar?

At first, it may seem terrible for me to say the above but for many men and women these thoughts occur every day and we don't even really notice. It's just become normal.  We talk ourselves down at every opportunity.

Whilst we would NEVER speak to a friend or colleague in the same way.

If you're stuck in a pattern of repeating unhealthy internal conversations throughout the day, you're never going to be happy with the way you look. No matter how much weight you lose or how much muscle you gain or how fit you become.

If self-criticism is your normal, you will always find something you want to change even when you reach the goals you set out to accomplish in the first place. There will always be something left to criticize...

You need to work from the inside out, that way you will start to see the changes.

So let’s change in internal dialogue

Every time you find yourself speaking negatively about yourself or your body, pause, and replace it with something positive.

This positive talk can be about bits of your body or image you do like.

Congratulate yourself for something positive you did that acts towards your goal, like choosing regular white coffee instead of a latte.

Complement yourself on how nice your hair or make up is.

These small changes with our internal dialogue change how we feel about ourselves, we are quick to complement our friends and colleagues but never ourselves.

Will it feel a bit silly at first? Yes.

Will it feel forced? Yes.

Will it work?  YES!

Go on! Give it a try!

Change your habits and change your beliefs.

A positive self-image will translate to positive changes in your life.

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