Take 5 Exercise Plan - Level 2
Take 5 Exercise Plan for Fitness Level 2

Exercise plan for people who currently exercise 1-2 times a week.

Take 5 Exercise Plan for Fitness Level 2

Start at level 2 if you have been exercising once or twice a week in the last three months, and feel that level 1 would be too easy a starting point for you. Move on to level 3 when you have completed the four weeks of plan 2.

Dance LogoDance

Pop in your favourite fast pace CD and dance. Put plenty of energy into it exaggerate your movements and have fun! Do the 'twist' down to the floor and back up again 4 times during each track. Dance for 4 tracks in week 1, 5 in week 2, 6 in week 3 and 7 in week 4.

Knee Press UpLogoKnee Press-Up

Lie on your front, with palms down at the sides of your shoulders. Pull your tummy in and push up from the floor aiming for a straight line from head to knees, lower yourself slowly back to start position. Do 6 repetitions (reps) in week 1, 8 in week 2, 10 in week 3 and 12 in week 4.

Bridge LogoBridge

Lie on your back with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Slowly raise your bottom until you have a straight line from shoulder to knee, hold for two seconds then slowly return to start position. Do 6 reps in week 1, 8 in week 2, 10 in week 3 and 12 in week 4.

Back Lift LogoBack Lift

Lie on your front with your hands on either side of your head. Slowly lift your shoulders and chest as far as is comfortable, hold for a moment and return to starting position. Do 8 reps in week 1, 10 in week 2, 12 in week 3 and 14 in week 4.

Pelvic Tilt LogoPelvic Tilt

Lie on your back with knees bent about 6 inches from the floor. Pull your tummy in and tilt your pelvis up towards your ribs, curling your bottom up from the floor 2 inches, hold for 2 seconds and slowly relax. Do 10 reps in week 1, 12 in week 2, 14 in week 3 and 16 in week 4.

Stretch LogoLuxury Stretch

Lie on your back with your knees bent, feet on the floor and arms by your sides. Wiggle your hips downwards away from your ribs then, one by one, slide your feet away from your body till your legs are straight Keeping arms straight, lift them over your head until they are stretched out on the floor behind your head, relax into the stretch. Hold for 1 minute week 1 & 2, 2 minutes week 3 & 4.

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