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By WLR Staff, by Pat Wilson

Swimming puts little stress on your body, works all the major muscles and will tone you up and slim you down.

Join WLR Members on the new Swimmers Message Board, Members Forum to share stories of your progress. Whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced racing swimmer there will be tips, advice and help from like minded people.

"I love swimming

It's the only exercise I can really manage due to back and knee problems. Look forward to posting on this board!!!" Mojean

"Right. This board has spurred me on. I'm going to pick up the new swimming timetable when I'm at the gym this evening. I haven't swum for a while... since I've discovered bodypump anyway, but I'm feeling the urge to plough up and down the pool now!" Somebody

"Having just swam a mile I've returned home feeling very good about myself to find this super surprise...thanks a lot WLR...I can talk to like minded swimmers!!!" Sue1083ABC

"Here's to all those lovely lengths… One of the most satisfying and enjoyable exercises!" EmmaJane33

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Swimathon 2007 takes place between 22-25th March. Over 20,000 swimmers in more than 500 pools across the country will dive in to show their support for Marie Curie Cancer Care. View the site for details of pools taking part and how to raise funds.


Swim4Fitness is a swimming programme to suit your lifestyle, whether swimming for fun, fitness or sport. It not only gives you access to a vast selection of programmes but also offers a full support package.

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