Review: Everybody Steps by Gin Miller (DVD)

Review: Everybody Steps by Gin Miller (DVD)

By WLR Staff, Julie Howard

This Step DVD/video was created for anyone brand new to Step aerobics and is the best thing to get you started at home if you are a beginner.

Gin Miller, is so nice you feel like it’s your best friend showing you what to do.

Gin’s not cheesy and doesn’t treat you like a toddler (unlike some presenters), instead she is warm, really relaxed and very natural, which makes her super easy to follow on the Step and pay attention to.

I really enjoyed doing this step workout, I thought I might find it a bit boring as I regularly do dance classes, but once I started I really got into it.

Even though I’m quite co-ordinated I’m not used to leaving the floor when I move, so using the Step took a bit of getting used to.

I’m also really glad I did this DVD rather than going straight to an aerobics class as I think without the basics demonstrated by Gin I would have struggled (plus felt embarrassed if I fell behind).

I’ve actually done this workout quite a few times now and think I might brave a class in the coming weeks as this has given me the confidence I need to take that next step.

But I could just as easily keep using the Everybody Steps DVD until I’ve completely mastered the basics and move on to a more advanced Step aerobics DVD.

Here are my explanations for the segments the DVD and video are split up into.

Pre-Class Guidelines

This is Gin's introduction to the DVD where she gives you a couple of tips and gets you ready to start stepping.

Segment 1 Warm Up (green)

Takes you through the Step floor patterns that make up the basics of all step aerobic routines.

Segment 2 Cardio Stepping (blue)

Now we do the basics on the Step and put that together with the Step floor patterns in the warm up.

Segment 3 Cardio Stepping (yellow)

From the basics on the Step we start doing some variations, making it that bit harder.

Segment 4 Cardio Stepping (purple)

We’re now moving in different directions with the moves from the previous segments and adding a couple of new moves in too.

Segment 5 Cardio Stepping (pink)

Here we do everything from segments 2-4 for the first half, and then combine some more of those basic Step steps to create some more advanced ones.

Segment 6 Cool Down/Slow Stretch (grey)

All good workout DVDs have a cool down and stretch segment and Everybody Steps is no exception. Simply a couple of minutes to cool down slowly to help make sure you’re in top condition to do the DVD again another day.

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