Reebok Mini Stepper
Fitness Reviews: Reebok Mini Stepper

Personal Trainer Nicola Glanville reviews exercise on the Reebok Mini Stepper.

Reebok Mini Stepper Review

By WLR's Personal Trainer, Nicola Glanville PTI REP Level 3

  • Increase heart and lung function
  • Challenge and strengthen your core muscles
  • Tone and strengthen your arms and legs
  • Burn Calories

The Reebok mini stepper is an excellent choice of equipment for burning calories and increasing your muscle tone. Completing regular stepping workouts will increase your cardiovascular stamina, reducing your chances of developing heart disease and stopping you from getting out of puff so quickly. You will be burning calories whilst you step and the resulting increased muscle tone will mean that you burn more calories when carrying out your normal daily activities.

Many leg exercises only work one part of your legs but the stepper will give you a total leg work out. I like this piece of kit because it makes you use your legs in the way that they are designed to be used i.e. carrying your body weight. The stepper also comes with tubing for you to work you upper body. In addition your core will also be challenged and strengthened as you use it to coordinate the movement between your upper and lower body.

As an added bonus it isn’t as huge as lots of other cardio vascular equipment which take up your entire living room.

Don’t be put off if you can only complete a short stint on the stepper initially. Why should your body be good at something you’ve never asked it to do before? You could try stepping for 1 min then rest for 1 min. This is called interval training. Over the weeks as your body gets used to the movement you will be able to increase the length of time that you are stepping and decrease the rest periods.

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