Gold's Gym Mini Bike
Fitness Reviews: Gold's Gym Mini Bike

Sheila Ashwood gives the Gold's Gym Mini Bike a test run from her armchair, here's her review.

Gold's Gym Mini Bike Review

by sheila ashwood

Great idea this one;

Mini Bike comes to the rescue for those who want to exercise but can't find the time or are restricted to low impact exercise.

You can ride the mini bike sitting in your favourite armchair at your own pace, whenever it suits you, whether you've 10 minutes or an hour to spare. I used it whilst I was surfing the web, reading and watching TV.

It's very easy to use and I found it encouraged me to do other things as I felt brighter and more energetic after I had been using it.

You can pedal away with your legs and, if you lean back, you can feel the muscles in your stomach and buttocks working too. Plus you can put the mini bike on a table-top to work your upper body.

Mini bike has an onboard readout giving the approximate numbers of calorie, how many repetitions, distance and time etc. Though I have to say I did think that calorie-burn was over-estimated by quite a lot.

For people like me who find it really hard to make time for any exercise at all the mini bike is a fabulous idea. Since it's small and unobtrusive my advice would be to store it in a place where you're going to see it regularly and remember to use it: at the side of the settee or under your desk.

The Gold's Gym Mini Bike is fairly inexpensive at £34.99 from Diet and Fitness Resources, rrp is £39.99.

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