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by wlr member kathy james

Maximum Impact | Ultimate Challenge Ultimate Results


The DVDs are split into sections: warm-up, interval training, resistance (arms) and toning (abs and bottoms). The total workout time is around 1 hour 10 minutes although you could cut the 20 minute resistance and toning when time is limited.

These are the perfect DVDs for those with limited space as all the moves are on the spot. For the toning section you’ll need to lie down and if you have the space to do that then you have all the space you need. The interval section consists of high impact bursts of activity alternated with boxing moves (Max Impact) and squats. You’ll certainly feel your legs the next day! None of the moves are fiddly or complicated.

Maximum Impact

A high impact aerobic workout with a toning section for arms, shoulders, abs and bottoms.

What’s good about it?

This is a really tough workout, especially if you haven’t exercised in a while. Remember, any workout you can do first time without too much effort isn’t going to challenge you or have much impact on your fitness levels. In her introduction Nell advises that you walk on the spot for a while if it gets too much. I know the first few times I did this DVD I had to take this option!

The toning exercise section is equally challenging. Again you can always cut down on the number of reps as you start out and build up as you get stronger.

You get a tremendous sense of accomplishment as your fitness improves and you can do more and more. I know the first time I did all the push ups I felt brilliant!

If you are just starting out with exercise I would recommend just doing the warm up for the first few times until you are comfortable, then progress to the main workout but taking it easy and marching on the spot if it gets too much. Similarly with the toning section do as many reps as you can but don’t overdo it and take a break if you need to. If you push too hard you’ll end up aching too much and won’t be inspired to try again.

If you remember Nell’s stint in the jungle for “I’m a celebrity” you will know she’s the quiet type. She is true to form in her exercise DVDs too! She does what she does best – keeps quiet and looks good. The instructor does all the talking but keeps it simple. I find this to be a bonus in a fitness DVD as when you’ve done it a few times hearing the same banter and jokes you get on other DVDs gets very irritating!

What’s wrong with it?

There isn’t much flexibility with time and there’s no option to do a quick workout. The instructor mostly counts and shouts out quick instructions so you have to keep watching to see what everyone is doing. He could give more ‘easy’ options for the first few times you start out – for example in the abs section he doesn’t mention until you are a quite a way in that you can rest your shoulders if you’re not strong in the abs. The workout is fairly straightforward and doesn’t have the fun factor of some other home exercise DVDs eg the dance based ones. However the time does pass quickly and if you like your workouts to leave you sweating and feeling like you’ve done a workout then this is the one for you!

Kathy's Verdict:

This is a really good all over workout incorporating both aerobic calorie burning exercise with targeted toning exercise to shape up your legs, tums, bums, arms, and shoulders. If you stick with it you will see your fitness improve and your shape change and all in the comfort of your own home.

Ultimate Challenge Ultimate Results

A similar format to Maximum Results with high impact aerobics and toning exercises for your whole body. The moves are nearly the same while being different enough to warrant having both DVDs in your collection.

What's Good About It?

This DVD has all the plus points of her Maximum Impact workout i.e. on the spot moves, simple actions and a really good workout that you can build up.

It has one major advantage though and that is the option to do only small sections of the main workout. If you are pushed for time or if you are just starting out you can do the warm up and then ten minutes of the main workout before you get an option to “bail out” on the screen which takes you to the cool down if you take it. This happens every ten minutes throughout the main part of the workout so you can build up your fitness or tailor your workout to your schedule.

What’s Wrong With It?

Again this is a very straight forward workout and lacks the fun appeal of its dance counterparts but it is a great workout and, personally, I think the appeal tends to wear off dance based DVDs once you’ve mastered the technique. I’d rather see my fitness improve doing this sort of workout.

Kathy's Verdict

Two great workouts that really push you to your limits. If you’re serious about getting fit and toning up then these are the perfect way to start.

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