1-Minute Shape Up Exercise Tracker

Whether you've got only 2 weeks or 6, print out this PDF to get you motivated to do these 4 quick shape-up exercises every day, you'll be surprised how much difference you can make

1-Minute Shape Up Exercise Tracker

By Rebecca Hindley

Want to shape up but short of time?

1-minute shape up exercises you can do anytime, anywhere and a tracker to tick off when you’ve done them. Ideal for getting yourself started if you're a reluctant exerciser.

You can do these strength exercises in 4 minutes a day and they don't even have to be done together. All you need is a 1 minute gap (think waiting for the kettle to boil) to drop a session in.

No need to get changed or shower afterwards - they're not going to make you sweat.

The exercises target muscles in legs, bum, tum, core, arms and shoulders. Done consistently every day they will make a difference you'll notice if you've not been doing any strength exercise. 

If you're always thinking you 'should' get some exercise but keep putting it off this is a great place to start.

The chart packs a surprisingly strong motivational punch, don't put off printing it off! Keep it somewhere you'll see it regularly - your momentum will build one you got a few ticks.

Do each exercise in a controlled way for 1 minute and note down how many you can do in a minute on the chart. (Download the PDF below.)

You should see a satisfying increase as you progress each week.

1 Minute Holiday Shape Up Exercise Tracker
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The Exercises

woman demonstrating step up exercise

Step Ups

Great for your legs and bum, plus an abs boost - especially if you stand up straight and hold your tummy in.

Stand tall facing a step with your arms on your hips (a small sturdy stool or bottom step of the stairs would work).

Put the whole of your right foot on the step, then drive up through your right leg and stand on the step with both feet.

Lead with your left leg as you step back down and return to the starting position.

Alternate the leg you lead with until you complete 1 minute.

(If you need extra balance hold onto the handrail or back of a sturdy chair)

woman demonstrating knee raise exercise

Knee Raises

Work out your abs and hips anywhere - no need to get down on the floor.

Stand with your feet slightly apart and your arms by your sides, palms facing in. If you are a little unsteady on your feet, use the back of a chair to steady you.

Lift your left leg up, bending at the knee, as high as you can, so your knee is out in front of you and your thigh is at a right angle to your body. The bottom part of your leg should be pointing down to the floor and foot relaxed.

Return your foot slowly to the floor and repeat with your right leg.

woman demonstrating squat exercise


Squats work almost all the lower body muscles, including abs, and they're brilliant for toning and tightening bum and thighs.

Stand with your feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart.

Bending at the hip but keeping your chest up, start poking your bottom out behind you, as if you are going to sit down, bringing your arms straight out in front of you, hands together.

Keep going until your thighs are parallel to the floor.

Slowly return to the start position and squeeze your bottom, push out your chest and tilt your pelvis, bringing your arms past your sides and slightly behind you.

woman demonstrating standing push up against a wall

Standing Push Up

Tone up your arms, shoulders, chest and core.

You can do this either as an incline pushup using a windowsill (or bench, table or another solid surface that is about 3 feet high) or wall push up.

Stand facing the windowsill (or wall). Place your hands on the edge of the windowsill (flat on the wall) just slightly wider than shoulder width.

Your arms should be straight but elbows are not locked. Align your feet so that your arms and body are completely straight.

Bend your elbows to slowly lower your chest towards the windowsill (wall) while inhaling. Keep your body straight and rigid throughout the movement.

Push your body away from the windowsill (wall) until your elbows are extended, but not locked.

Exhale as you push up. Keep going with slow, steady repetitions for 1 minute.

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