Christmas Party Games to Burn those Extra Christmas Calories

By WLR Staff, Laura Meads

You know how you feel on Christmas day, you've eaten too much turkey and you know it will show on the scales in the New Year. So why not play a WLR Christmas party game and burn off some extra calories.



Spin the Bottle Game

Spin the bottle for your next exercise dare

1. Spin the bottle (without the kissing!)

I bet you never thought that spin the bottle could help you burn off extra calories! You need a bottle, any sort will do (if it is a wine bottle make sure the wine is calorie free :-D ) and a box or bucket that you can put the instructions in. Everybody then has to write down their exercise instructions on a piece of paper and fold it up and put it into the box.

Some suggestions:

  • Run into the kitchen and find certain items of food in under a minute and if you fail do 5 sit-ups.
  • Go upstairs and find a man's sock, a child's T-shirt and a lipstick in 2 mins and if you do not do it in time do 5 press ups

There are a lot more dares that you could make up, the only rule is that they have to have some exercise in them.

2. Pass the parcel WLR style

What you need is a small present this could be anything you like. You need to wrap it up in wrapping paper, but the twist is in between layers of the wrapping paper include a small card with some exercise instructions on it for each person who takes off a wrapper. You could include instructions like:

  • Hop on 1 leg for 3 mins
  • Do 10 sit-ups
  • Run up and down the stairs
  • Run around everyone in the circle 3 times

You can make up your own tasks for everyone to do.

3. Musical chairs

Set the chairs up as you normally would for this classic game. Put someone in charge of the music (preferably someone who hasn’t had too much to drink as you may never sit down) You then need to walk around the chairs until the music stops. When everyone has sat down the person that is left out has a forfeit exercise: they have to do at least 5 sit-ups and 3 star jumps, or another suitable exercise forfeit.

If you play at least one of the games above over Christmas then you will earn yourself some extra calories towards all that lovely Christmas food.

Have Fun!

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