Muscle Diagrams

Diagram 1
Front View:

Rotator Cuff

Deltoid (delts)

Pectorals (pecs)


External Obliques


Quadriceps (quads)

Tibialis Anterior

Muscle Diagram 1: Front View

Internal Obliques (waist)


(inner thighs)


Diagram 2
Back View:

Deltoid (delts)


Erector Spinae (lower back)


Hamstrings (hams)

Muscle Diagram 2: Back View

Trapezius (traps)


Latissimus Dorsi (lats)


Gluteus Medius (outer thigh)

Gluteus Maximus (glutes)

Gastonemius (calves)

Soleus (calves)


What the Muscles Do

Follow the links below for an explanation of how the muscles on the diagram work and what they do.

Upper Body Muscles

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