Members at Holmes Place Club

Diet and Exercise for Weight Loss

A group in Bristol have ventured into health and fitness club territory and are reaping the benefits.

Their Holmes Place club has an impressive set up with the latest range of exercise equipment, classes and sports on offer. The staff are fully trained and on hand to help with advice and support. On top of this, the Club runs ‘Healthy Eating and Weight Management' 12 week Programme for members. The Programme consists of personal weigh ins, interactive workshops, advice and information on diet and exercise, plus support.

Health and Fitness Instructor, Karen Hutchinson runs the Weight Loss Programmes held weekly at the Club. With over 10 years experience in the field, Karen wants to help her groups gain control of their eating and exercise habits by equipping them with knowledge about diet and exercise, and motivation.

Karen reinforces the need to try different things at the Club to identify what you find most enjoyable. She also emphasises possibilities of being active and burning more calories throughout daily life.

The Group Members

Alison’s Story

At 53, Alison is 5ft 7 and now 11 stone. A well-dressed, attractive slim figured woman it is hard to imagine her at 17 stone. An overweight child, Alison spent much of her adult life yo-yo dieting and trying every known diet, even including having her jaws wired together! Alison depressed with her size settled for comfort eating and baggy clothes.

In March 2002, Alison’s husband, a member at Holmes Place persuaded Alison to accompany him to the Club and give it a go. Alison, convinced that everybody would be looking at her and her size, made her husband stand behind her whilst she mastered the treadmill.

To overcome the fear of people watching her, Alison resorted to wearing her reading glasses – the blurred vision meant she couldn’t see what anyone else was doing!

Alison joined the 12-week diet and exercise course and the combination of support, knowledge and motivation meant Alison shed her weight and now extols the benefits of exercise and using Holmes Place. Alison regularly uses the gym equipment and enjoys several classes including Spinning.

Nick’s Story

46 year old Nick had a wake up call! An Independent Financial Insurance Advisor, Nick felt a need to look at his own health when claims were coming through for life insurances Nick had sold to clients younger than himself. Nick saw an advert for Holmes Place and joined.

As a man used to numbers and figures, Nick can relate to calorie counting and enjoys graphs and tracking his weight loss. He has learnt to cut out snacking on sweets and chocolates whilst still enjoying occasional treats. As Nick says “No foods are out of bounds and you can vary your diet within your calorie target and make up for business lunches or binges with increased exercise – a pint of beer is equivalent to 18 minutes on the rowing machine whilst a Big Mac is 50 minutes.”

Nick has achieved a 29 lb. weight loss to date and is a healthier and fitter individual.

Kai’s Story

At 38, Kai is a mother of two and has a hectic, full-time job. Finding time for exercise needs some planning!

At 18 stone, Kai knew she had to focus on weight loss – problems with her knees showed her she needed to lose weight. Having tried the SlimFast diet in the past, Kai quickly lost motivation and became disheartened with dieting.

Terrified of joining a gym because of her size, Kai took the plunge at Holmes Place and has not regretted it. The Instructor allayed her fears and showed her the correct use of equipment and gave her lots of motivation.

Learning the facts from the diet myths, Kai found the information given empowering. She has introduced exercise into her daily life, walking as much as possible and now uses the gym, particularly Cross Trainer and Treadmill as much as possible.

With a 32lb loss to date, Kai is combining calorie counting and regular exercise on her way to meeting her health and fitness goals.

Marilyn’s Story

Marilyn has learnt through calorie counting: an awareness of foods and how much she is eating. This knowledge has made a significant difference to food choices and portion sizes.

At 54, Marilyn experienced painful knee problems caused by her weight, which forced her to address the issue. Following a healthy diet and fitting in exercise, particularly walking, whenever she can Marilyn has enjoyed a 1 stone loss to date.

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