What to Wear to the Gym
What to Wear to the Gym

What gym kit works best with your bodyshape? Which style of fitness clothes would be most flattering for you? Weight Loss Resources’ guest writer, Cara Frost-Sharratt takes a look at gym wear and which workout clothes work best.

What to Wear to the Gym

By WLR Guest Writer, Cara Frost-Sharratt

Many people will be familiar with this scenario. You make that all-important decision to start going to the gym or a regular fitness class. You drag some baggy tracksuit bottoms and a T-shirt out of a drawer and set off for your first visit, full of enthusiasm.

Then it all goes horribly wrong. The only free exercise machine or space in the aerobics class is next to the size 8 supermodel in designer gym gear and perfect make-up. What’s worse is that she doesn’t even break into a sweat, while you’re ready to keel over after five minutes.

You feel frumpy and unfit and you don’t bother going back.

You are what you Wear to the Gym?

The issue is that successful weight loss is all about combining exercise with a healthy eating regime so you need to work off those calories somehow.

However, the good news is that you can seriously boost your confidence by wearing the right gym clothes. As with many social situations your clothes can really give you a boost and when it comes to exercise, the outfit can actually help to improve the workout, as well.

An organised class can be a great addition to your weight loss regime and it’s also a good way to meet like-minded people. You shouldn’t have to miss out because of unflattering fitness clothing and, in fact, a new gym membership should be the perfect excuse to update your gym kit.

Flatter Yourself with Fitness Clothing

Just because you’re trying to lose weight doesn’t mean you should lose your fashion sense and it’s important to feel good when you start a new class. It can be daunting enough to step into a gym or fitness studio for the first time, so don’t make things more difficult by wearing an ill-fitting bra and a top that you got free with a stationery order three years ago.

The trick is to flatter your shape: don’t try to hide it, instead work with the good bits, tame the unruly bits and support the wobbly bits.

Gym Kit Must Haves:

  • Sports Bra - With regards to your top half, the most important rule is to treat yourself to some good-fitting sports bras. Aside from being uncomfortable, a larger bust can become a little wayward in vigorous aerobics classes and needs to be kept in check.

Sports Bra

  • Leggings or Tracksuit Bottoms – The type that taper out at the ankle are flattering for larger sizes and try to stick to plain fabrics with similar or matching colours on your top and bottom, to create a streamlined look.

Jogging Bottoms

  • Decent Trainers - Treat your feet to some new trainers and comfort is key here. If you’re going to be hitting the running machine then it’s a good idea to get fitted by a professional.

Training Shoes

  • Socks – Trainer socks provide comfort but don’t look unsightly under tracksuit bottoms.

Training Socks

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