Exercise Your Way To  Weight Loss
Jo Exercised Her Weight Off

Jo used exercise to make sure there were no forbidden foods when she was working to lose a massive 4 stone. Read how she exercised her way to a slimmer, healthier body.

Exercise Your Way To Weight Loss

I am a young single woman working full time and enjoying my free time without a care in the world.

I enjoy nights out, travelling around the world and going out for lovely meals with my friends.

WLR Member JNaden, Age 27, Height 5ft 9in
  Start Current
Weight 15st 8lbs 11st 8lbs
BMI 32.1 24.3
Body Fat 31.1% 25.1%
Bust 37" 32"
Waist 37" 28"
Hips 44" 35"

About Jo

I lived with my parents until recently and they were the ones that did the shopping and cooking and I just ate what was given to me.

I have no children. When I was with my Ex we used to eat many takeaways because we couldn’t be bothered to cook. This is when I piled on my weight.

I work in aviation and had a rota where I worked 2 days day shift then 2 night shifts, all 12 hour shifts.

Night shifts were the worse as all we would do was eat to combat the boredom. I now work 8 hour day shifts and I can manage my food much better.

Dieting History

None, only tried to lose weight on my own the previous year, lost no more then half a stone!

It didn't work!

How being overweight has affected you…

I never thought I was ‘fat.’ I thought I was just curvy and big boned!

My dad did mention a few times I should lose weight but I just ignored him because he was also overweight.

It didn’t stop me doing anything but I do remember being jealous of other people who were much slimmer than I was.

I never saw my weight as an issue until I saw a photo of me from my holiday.

It was then I realised that it wasn’t ok that my size 16 jeans were too tight for me and I refused to buy size 18 clothes.

It was then I knew for the first time I needed to lose the weight.

Motivation to lose weight

With working at an airport, I sometimes wonder what it would be like to work as cabin crew.

My weight was stopping me applying for crewing jobs. I wanted to be a healthy weight so if a job came along I could apply straight away without worry.

Also when I look back at photos where I am at some landmark from my travelling, I would like to see a slimmer me, rather then an overweight me.

Jo before

The best of WLR

The WLR food diary.  I could not have lost the weight without the food diary and counting calories.

I also find the forum message boards very helpful and fun to read. If I have a problem, I can generally find the answer on the boards without even posting.

There is always someone going through the same problem as you. If not I post and I always receive the help I was looking for.

I don’t post often but when I do I am very grateful for the replies I get.>

Why do you think WLR has helped you lose weight where other diets have failed?

The simplicity of WLR. The way everything is explained and also how nothing is banned.

When I tried to diet on my own I would ban all the bad foods I love.

This just gave me more cravings for those foods!  On WLR I can eat anything as long as I have the calories for it.

What has kept you motivated?

Yes. I did well over Christmas still losing my 2lb weekly. I thought I would struggle but, I planned my exercise and I input everything into the food diary.

Yes I was over a few days but I made it up by exercising longer.

But come the New Year I could not lose 2lb a week so I dropped to 1lb a week and it worked for a while until I plateaued.

I just kept on going. I knew that soon I would lose again. I did drink extra water through this time and this seemed to help.

My motivation was that I was so close to my goal and I had come this far I could not give up.

I do not ban myself from anything. If I eat out when I haven’t planned, I make sure I still log everything and then do the exercise to make up the difference in calories if I have gone over.

Lifestyle changes?

My confidence. I love shopping for new clothes. Knowing I can pick something up and knowing it will fit.

Trying on clothes in sizes I have never worn before and also I am now more daring in my choice of clothes!

Wearing more ‘fashionable’ clothes rather then jeans and a jumper/t-shirt.

I am now a gymaholic. I have grown to love the gym, enjoying going to step aerobics and I have found my love for swimming again.

I am now thinking about doing a charity challenge, something I would not of done before hand.

Exercise Routines Adopted

Swimming 3 times a week
Step aerobics on a Sunday morning
Gym 3 times a week

What do you love about your body now?

My slim tummy! Smaller thighs and my new waist that I have never seen!

Jo now

Jo's Tips

Just fill in the food diary everyday even if you have had a naughty day. It really helps to keep your mind on the job in hand.

Stick to the rules. If you’re having a bad day, pop by the boards and they will cheer you up!

Set mini goals and treat yourself once you have reached that goal.

I find that if you refuse your body something it’s craving then you will end up over eating anyway so treat your body to that chocolate bar or whatever it’s craving then do the exercise or adjust your planned dinner to make up the calories. This works well for me and the more I lose weight, the less the cravings I have.

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