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What is the Walk the Weight Off Challenge?

The Walk the Weight Off Challenge is a fun way to get you fired up for walking (or exercising) regularly and losing weight.

Since we're unable to spend so much time outdoors, all the minutes you spend exercising now count towards getting your medal for this year

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How Does The Walk the Weight Off Challenge Work?

To reach a destination you have to walk for the number of hours it would take to fly there. You can go for bronze, silver and gold medals - which will be sent out to you in the post as you earn them.

Bag the Bronze

Reach 30 destinations - choose shorter ones if you want to get to bronze quickly...

Stretch to Silver

Keep up the walking and reach 40 destinations to add your silver medal...

Go for Gold!

Walk your way to the whole 50 in the "wlr world" to get your prestigious gold medal!

There are 50 destinations to choose from, here's a few to give you a taste. Take a free trial to see the rest.

Giant's Causeway, Northern Island

Giant's Causeway,
Northern Ireland

Walk for 1 hour 15 mins

Neuschwanstein Castle,

Walk for 1 hour 45 mins


Walk for 2 hours

The Rock,

Walk for 3 hours

Galesnjak Island,

Walk for 4 hours


Walk for 5 hours

Indian Ocean

Walk for 10 hours 30 mins

El Yunque,
Puerto Rico

Walk for 14 hours 45 minutes

Take as long as you like to reach a destination.

Your plane shows your progress to each destination.

Get as many destinations as you can in a maximum of 50 weeks.

Join Weight Loss Resources and Take the Walk the Weight Off Challenge

Once you're logged in - click on the Challenge tab to get started. Don't forget to check out the Walk the Weight Off message board.

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Some comments from our members on the WWO challenge...

"I'm really walking the weight off ... 10lb down and 3 inches off my waist. Well impressed! Bum is looking kinda shapely too"

"The challenge has made me focus on walking in a way that I had forgotten. I have got back into the habit of a walk everyday and I'm seeing quite a difference. Thank you team"

"Kids' swim lesson no longer means a latte and a book in the cafe (and perhaps a chocolate bar too!) it means a 30 min brisk walk"


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