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Weight Loss Resources Goes Mobile

Weight Loss Resources Mobile provides you with a quick and easy to use calorie counter for on the move, with no app to download.

How to Get the wlr App Icon for Your Mobile Homescreen

Simply tap the login button on wlr on your smartphone – you’ll automatically be taken to the web app login screen.

  1. Bookmark this page to your mobile home screen for easy access in the future
  2. Tick keep me logged in for instant access just like you have with any other app

If you don’t have a wlr account take a free trial on your phone and you’ll be straight into the app.

If you'd like to see this step by step, here it is for android phones and iphones.

So there you have it, Weight Loss Resources Mobile, no app to download and no hassle. It’s just our way of helping you to a healthier, happier weight.

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