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How WLR Can Help

The tools and resources of Weight Loss Resources can be (and have been) used to restore regular, balanced eating patterns for people who are trying to overcome eating disorders. The site can be used to gain, maintain or lose weight in a healthy and sustainable manner.

Goals & Results

You simply tap in your height, weight, age and background activity level. Then you can set a goal, either by target weight or target date, to gain, maintain or lose weight. You can select to achieve your goal at a rate of between half a pound and two pounds a week.

The computer comes back with how many calories you need each day to reach your goal, and the date you can expect to achieve it.

The site carefully calculates this daily calorie quota for you to work to. Have confidence that this figure is carefully calculated and if you stick to it you will achieve your goals.

Every time you update your weight (normally once a week), the programme produces reports on your weight and nutrition, and a graph tracking your current weight.

Food Diary

You keep an online food diary.

The food diary keeps a running total of the calories you consume in a day, and adds any calories burned in exercise to your daily calorie requirement. The food diary also keeps track of the nutritional balance of your diet, and how many portions of fruit and vegetables you eat, so you can make sure your diet is healthy.

Completing a food diary puts you in control of your food and calorie intake. You know exactly what you have consumed. You will start to learn about your eating habits. Writing notes in the food diary journal may help to highlight what you felt were good days and days when you might feel things did not go to plan. This knowledge will give you the power to start making changes to your eating patterns and hopefully help you to restore a regular, balanced eating pattern. Take things slowly; this can take time but as each day passes you will be nearer recovery from the disorder.

Exercise Diary

Inputting exercise and physical activity into your exercise diary shows you exactly how many additional calories you have expended throughout a day. This information should help keep you on track with overall calories expended and your food consumption.


You are not alone. You can talk to other members on the Eating Disorders message board in Members Forum. Swap war stories, get support and advice, and make new friends.

Start a Free Trial Today

You can keep a food diary and journal to help you restore a regular, balanced eating plan. Try it free for 24 hours.

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Start a Free Trial Today

You can keep a food diary and journal to help you restore a regular, balanced eating plan. Try it free for 24 hours.

Take our FREE trial »

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