Losing 7 Stones, Rachel's Way

Rachel's diet with wlr resulted in a 7 stone weight loss. Her before and after pictures are brill, as is her inspiring diet success story.

Losing 7 Stones, Rachel's Way

Rachel, Age 26, Height 5' 7"
Start Weight 18st 5lbs
Current Weight 11st 2lbs
Goal Weight 11st 2lbs
Weight Lost 7st 3lbs
Working to Rate of Loss 2lbs per week


About Rachel

I am a stay at home, married mum with two children and with that comes the usual - eating on the run, grabbing something when you can.

Also Husband works shifts so our meal pattern has never been regular.

Diet History

I have been dieting since the age of 15.

Started with Slimming World with a friend from school. I think then I was around 13 stone. I lost 12lb in first 2 weeks, then loss stopped and I lost interest.

Joined Rosemary Conley class at 18 to lose weight for my wedding and at that point I think I was around 14 st 7lb.

Really enjoyed the class and the fitness class that came with it. It was nice to have a diet that incorporated exercise.

"I lost 1st 7lb before my wedding and felt happy with that on the day, but of course married life got in the way, and diet went out the window."

I've also tried Weight Watchers and the Atkins Diet (for 2 days, lol).

I fell pregnant with my first child. By this time I think I had probably gained at least a stone in the first year of marriage, and just looked at the pregnancy as an excuse to eat what I liked and not feel bad.

It was the first time in my life I felt happy because I felt I had a reason to be the way I was, big.

There was a purpose to it and I felt accepted, rather than trying to hide from everyone feeling ugly and overweight.

I promised myself throughout the pregnancy that I would make an effort when I had my son to lose weight, but of course then came breastfeeding and another excuse to eat. lol

I continued to gain weight over the next few years and dipped in and out of diets.

"I got into a yo-yo dieting pattern where I would lose 10lb in two weeks (water probably), and then would have a week or 2 of no loss and give up, then end up gaining more."

I caught for my second son at 23. By now I was around 15 stone mark at a guess, and had also stopped looking at scales.

I had terrible morning sickness, worse than the first and for the first 20 weeks of the pregnancy didn't eat lot, as a result I looked quite neat and not big and overweight like I had been for a few years.

Trouble was when I had the baby, I convinced myself I looked ok because I hadn't gotten huge during the pregnancy. I thought I must look ok. So carried on eating.

Again tried a few more diets over the next year and even went to aerobics for a while, but wasn't really getting anywhere. I had just gotten stuck in a cycle of loss and gain.

"When I was big, it was like I was invisible."

How being overweight has affected you…

When I was big, it was like I was invisible.

I think that was my fault though, I think I used to hide myself in the hope that no one would notice me, so they wouldn't notice my weight.

"I was always miserable and wasn't very happy with myself. I couldn't get down and play with the kids on the floor or run and play football with them."

Never walked anywhere, even the shortest of journeys done in the car.

I hated buying clothes, because nothing fitted. I didn't like having to go to larger size shops and hated being in the fitting rooms because the mirror told it all.

You can't hide from the mirror in a fitting room.

Motivation to Diet

I bought my husband a set of digital scales for Christmas because he wanted to lose some weight and wanted digital scales.

Well I thought as they were there in front of me I might as well jump on and have a look. OMW! The scales said 17 stone 13lb!

I couldn't believe it I was nearly 18 stone. It ruined the rest of my Christmas and I was really down, and of course ate more.

On January 1st my husband started his new routine and went out for a run and he was working really hard.

For the whole week I kept looking at the scales and thinking how bad it had been finding out how heavy I was.

Then got on them again and was now 18st 5lb! I had gained 6 pound over the Christmas feeling sorry for myself.

That was it for me, if I had gained 6lb in two weeks how big was I going to get! I had to do something and fast.

"If I do more, I can eat more."

How wlr Helps

This site has been tremendous.

I searched online for a calorie counter and found wlr! It has truly been the best weight loss assistance I have ever had.

wlr has helped me stabilise my diet, realise the importance of EATING when dieting, rather than just going hungry.

I can honestly say, since using wlr I have never been hungry, because if I run out of calories all I need to do is some exercise to gain some more.

"wlr has taught me the healthy way to balance food and lifestyle - if I do more I can eat more, if I do less I eat less."

I now use food in a practical sense as fuel, rather than an emotional crutch.

The Best of Weight Loss Resources

I use the Food Diary every day and enter all my exercise into the Exercise Diary.

If I have had a particularly hard day or have done well I also use the Food Diary Journal in the food diary so I can understand why that day gave those results.

It is great to have a record of your progress to go back and look at if weight loss stops, so you can remind yourself what you were doing right.

I also use the message boards regularly. It is such an encouragement to know there are others like you out there also having an off day, or doing well. I also log my weight every week and measurements every fortnight so I can see my progress.

Lifestyle Changes

It feels like the world has noticed I exist!

People that wouldn't have looked twice at me now stop and speak. I have made lots of new friends and acquaintances just because, I think, I am more approachable as a person.

"When you are unhappy with yourself you tend to hide away and never smile at people. Now I can't help but smile and feel like I want to share the good feeling around."

I go out to the pub with my husband and friends, and enjoy every minute.

I love getting dressed up to go out and not worrying about what I am going to wear (no more than the average person anyway!).

I can now run and play with my children and experience life at a different pace.

Diet Changes

I have discovered cottage cheese, wouldn't have looked twice at it before, now I love it and it goes with anything!

I eat more fruit now than I ever did before.

I don't have much taste for sweet stuff now, and crisps I'm really not fussed about. Chips from the chippy just the thought makes me think urg!

Exercise Changes

I now go to the gym at least 4 times a week, and spend an hour and a half doing cardio and weights.

I walk my son a mile and a half down to school every day and back up the steep hill without losing a breathe.

Why do you think wlr has helped you lose weight where other diets have failed?

I think for someone like me who finds diet plans and planning meals whilst dieting hard, the food diary is invaluable.

"I am so lazy about adding calories. That is what I love so much about wlr, it does it all for you."

You type in what you eat and it adds all the calories up so you can get out there and enjoy life instead of obsessing over points and fat content.

The other plus of course is you can eat whatever you like as long as it falls within your calorie allowance.

Rachel's Diet Tips

"Don't try to rush it, quicker it comes off the quicker it can go back on. Slow and steady wins the race. It is a lifestyle change, not a quick fix."

Drink plenty of water, keeps your skin hydrated, gives you energy, plus it has no calories in it.

Try to balance your weight loss with diet and exercise.

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