Rebecca's Dieting Success Story

Rebecca’s diet after her third pregnancy consisted of double portions, sweets and pizza and she soon realised she needed to change. With the help of wlr Rebecca has lost nearly 2 stone of the baby weight and feels confident and healthy.

Rebecca's Dieting Success Story

Rebecca, Age 25, Height 5ft 6in
Start Weight 12st
Current Weight 10st 3lb
Goal Weight 10st 3lb
Weight Lost 25lb

About Rebecca

I am married with three wonderful children: a daughter aged five and two sons aged four and one.

When I had my first two children I managed to slim back down to pre-pregnancy weight without a diet but, after my third pregnancy, I started allowing my husband to buy takeaways for us on an evening whilst the kids were in bed.

"I would happily indulge, using my pregnancy as an excuse to eat what I wanted."

I ballooned up to 13 stone and, once my youngest son was born, I only lost a stone of it making me at my heaviest in my life – 12 stone.

Does your job affect your weight loss efforts?

I am a stay-at-home Mum and I cook healthily for the children 95% of the time.

I am not one to eat the kids leftovers (cold, half-eaten chicken doesn’t appeal to me). The problem was I would eat junk myself while they were at school.

"I would have a double portion of pasta or a takeaway for lunch and then eat healthily with them in the evening."

I would then gorge on sweets and chocolate whilst they were in bed.

Things got so bad that I would eat a Dominos large pizza to myself for lunch!

What diets (if any) have you tried in the past?

I first decided to try the Slim Fast diet. That lasted about a week.

I couldn’t stand not eating a meal and having a meal replacement drink instead - I felt deprived. I would sometimes have a shake for lunch and just class it as a drink, and then eat a meal on top of it!

I tried just eating Weight Watchers meals too. They are okay now and again (I still have them when I am in a rush or feeling lazy), but as an all-the-time thing they were bland, not very filling and made me feel like I was eating a load of processed rubbish.

I would sit staring longingly at my family eating the home cooked meal while I waited for the microwave to ping.

I also (stupidly) tried to crash diet and survive on 500 calories a day. This lasted about 3 days before I ate everything in sight from pure starvation!

Please comment on your experiences of trying these diets?

Whilst these diets have worked successfully for millions of people they just weren’t for me.

"My problem is that they are too restrictive."

You have to stick to certain foods, meal replacements, etc. for them to work. I wanted to eat good quality food which I had made myself!

How has your weight has affected you?

I used to be an outgoing person and I used to always be proud of my curves and wear short skirts and tight dresses.

After my pregnancy I thought it wouldn’t be long before I would be out doing that again. Until I tried on my clothing . . .

Nothing fit! I had gone up to a size 14 and had to buy a whole new wardrobe.

"This made a dent in my bank balance and an even bigger dent in my confidence."

I cut all the labels out as I felt ashamed. I started wearing baggy tops and made no effort in my appearance.

I stopped wearing make-up as I felt unattractive and didn’t want to be noticed.

What has been your main motivation to lose weight?

One thing that will always stick in my mind and, I suppose, is the trigger that made me lose weight is when I went to a gig with some friends.

I was wearing a 50’s sleeveless prom dress and actually felt quite good. We were waiting for a taxi after and I went to the toilet.

"As I came back I heard the doorman ask my friend ‘Where has the big girl gone who was with you?’ As I approached he said ‘Ah there she is.’"

It absolutely devastated me. I don’t think the man even realised what an effect he had on me.

After that I realised I needed to lose some weight to get ‘me’ back and feel happy in myself.

I am lucky I have a husband who loves me no matter what I look like - this was purely for my self confidence.

Which tools and resources do you use regularly on wlr? Which tools do you find invaluable?

The Food Diary has been the success behind dieting.

Before I started I had absolutely no idea how many calories were in anything I was eating.

"When I started to log I was surprised (and often horrified) at how many calories were in the things I ate every day."

I have also found the forums so supportive. Everyone is friendly and they have given me advice and also given me support when I needed it.

It is so nice to have like-minded people who are going through the same battle as yourself to talk to.

The recipe database has been extremely useful too. I have created many new meals using this and it is so useful to have them categorised into calories within the sub-section.

"It has allowed me to be much more creative in the kitchen!"

The exercise section is also fantastic as I don’t own a HRM so to guesstimate the calories burned would be impossible.

The estimates on wlr seem to be quite accurate in my opinion and it takes all the guess work out when you can just click a button to work it all out for you.

Why do you think wlr has helped you lose weight where other diets have failed?

wlr has helped me personally because it has allowed me to take control of my eating.

If I am not completely honest and don’t log things (which I did a few times at the start) I then go over my allowance and don’t meet my weekly goal. 

"I soon discovered that honesty is the best policy!"

Being able to plan ahead is brilliant too. I can carefully weigh my evening meal and have it pre-planned so that I know how many calories I have to eat during the day. I can also plan in that cheeky chocolate bar if I want it.

I have learned about portion sizes and how to control them.

"Most of all though I have learnt I can still eat all the foods I love - just in moderation."

If I deprive myself I just crave even more and would probably binge.

With wlr I don’t need to as I can plan it days or even weeks in advance if I wanted to, and then tweak my food to suit me.

Have you struggled at points in your weight loss journey??  Experienced a weight loss plateau?? What has kept you motivated?

After losing 6lbs the first week I consistently lost 2lbs a week and thought I had it sorted.

I looked at the date given and really thought that in just those few short weeks I would be at my goal.

I didn’t want to lose too much of my muscle mass so I decided to go to the gym to help keep some of it and, hopefully, speed up fat loss.

I couldn’t believe it when after the first week of going the scales showed a 1lb gain!

Everyone reassured me it was just water retention as I had strained my muscles but for those next few weeks I struggled with my weight going up and down without getting any lower than when I first started going to the gym.

I was very disheartened and, on the advice of the very lovely Help Team I decided to try and kick start my metabolism by going on Maintenance calories for a week.

I did this then did not weigh for 2 weeks. I weighed myself a few days ago and I have gone from 10st 7lb to 10st 2lb! Obviously it worked!

Since losing weight can you give some examples of how your life has changed??

The first thing I noticed was my skin has cleared up a lot.

I used to get a lot of outbreaks of spots which I put down to my hormones, but since losing the weight they are no longer there!

"I am also much more energetic and can run around with my kids more."

I actually enjoy doing physical play with them now, whereas before it was something I dreaded.

I have a new found love for food and it is a healthy love! I don’t just want to eat loads of whatever I get my hands on - now I cherish what I eat and respect the calories that I am eating.

I have discovered lots of new and exciting things to do with foods I love, as well as discovering new foods I had never even heard of!

"I am pleased to say the short skirts and dresses are making a comeback!"

I cannot describe to you how good it feels to fit into clothes I wore 6 years ago pre-children!

Whenever I get compliments and people ask if I have lost weight, I glow with pride knowing I have done it sensibly and healthily

Exercise routines adopted?

I now go to the gym every other evening when my Husband comes home from work. I do cardio then weights.

Exercising gives me a real boost (must be those endorphins) and I feel invigorated.

What do you love about your body now?

  Start Current
BMI 27.1 23.1
Body Fat 26.7 22.2
Chest 40" 36"
Waist 31" 29"
Hips 40" 37"

I still have flabby bits (which I am hoping to lessen with my gym work) but it just feels so good to fit into my old clothes.

My legs do not resemble tree trunks as much as they used to and my double chin has gone!

Do you want to include anything else that you feel is relevant and supportive and would help others?  Tips to share???

The main thing I want to say is be honest with yourself. Log every single thing that passes your lips. Only you can see your diary.

"If you feel like having a chocolate bar then have it! Don’t deprive yourself or you will crave it more."

Also, try not to be disheartened if you put on a pound one week or stay the same.

Our bodies work in weird and wonderful ways and as long as you are being honest and keeping to your calorie quota the weight will come off.

"If you feel you have hit a plateau you could try going to maintenance calories for a week. It worked for me!"

And the most important thing if you feel alone, out of control, like you are going to binge, or just want some advice- make sure you post on the Advice Forum!

They are a wonderful bunch of people and they can help divert you from that binge or help if you think you are doing something wrong.

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