Success Story: Phil

Phil, Age 50, Height 5ft 11½in
Start Weight 13st 7lbs
Current Weight 11st 9lbs
Goal Weight 11st 10lbs
Weight Lost 1st 12lbs
Working to Rate of Loss 2lbs per week
Time Taken 12 weeks

Dieting History

Nothing specific. I did try about 4 years ago to give up mars bars and chips, after being diagnosed with high blood pressure and cholesterol but with limited success. I never even weighed myself!

Have you lost weight before and regained the weight?

None that I would know about. I have not weighed myself for about 20 years.

How being overweight has affected you…

I was not aware of any specific problems. The gut had grown a bit but I put that down to bad posture.

"I got out of breath walking up hills; an unavoidable hobby in the Welsh valleys."

Motivation to Diet

About 4 years ago I was diagnosed with high blood pressure and high cholesterol. My doctor advised me to cut down on the chips and Mars bars and put me on tablets for both.

I never thought I was particularly overweight and my doctor did not weigh me. After a couple of months I gave up the tablets without going back to my doctor, as I could not afford the repeat prescriptions. My eating slipped back into old habits.

I recently turned 50, moved house and had to find a new doctor. The practice insisted on giving me a check up. My BP was high.

"I was weighed and came in at 13st 7lb – in the obese range by BMI. I was shocked."

Until my mid twenties I was always very slim 10 st 7lbs for years. By 30 I had reached 11 st 7lbs and assumed I still was about the same.

At about the same time a friend suggested a sinus problem I had for years may be due to dairy products. I decided to diet seriously to a mid-range BMI and cut out all dairy. By the time my new doctor checked my cholesterol about six weeks later I had already lost 14 lbs and my BP and cholesterol were normal – no drugs required!

Discovering Weight Loss Resources

I was searching the Internet for information on non-dairy diets when I came across Weight Loss Resources.

How Weight Loss Resources Helps

It gave me the discipline to monitor food and exercise on a daily basis and to establish a healthy eating pattern.

The detailed information helped me to identify areas of excess that would never have occurred to me for example I was drinking over a litre of fresh orange juice a day, and having loads of pesto on my pasta.

"Easy to cut down on with absolutely no loss of enjoyment."

I had not even thought of them as contributing to my ‘food’ but they were about 700 calories – equivalent to an extra meal.

The Best of Weight Loss Resources

Mostly just the diaries. I supplied my own motivation once I had decided to go for it.

Phil's Dieting Tips

Use the diary fully. Do not just log the food – but which meal it was at. Look at the whole eating pattern. I found it easier to have a complete redesign. I used to have a small breakfast. Moderate lunch. Large evening meal. I switched to large breakfast, loads of snacks, smaller lunch and smaller earlier evening meal. Nothing after 7 pm. This helped to stop any bad habits as the snacks were now part of the plan.

Build in some exercise too. I upped my waking from 10 mins a day to about 45 mins.

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