Nola's Diet Success Story

Nola, Age 53, Height 5ft 6in
Start Weight 10st 3lbs
Current Weight 9st 2lbs
Goal Weight 9st 2lbs
Weight Lost 1st 11lbs
Working to Rate of Loss 1lbs per week
Time Taken 4 months

Dieting History

I was always anti dieting – and refused to weigh myself!

I aimed to control my weight by testing the tightness of my jeans. If they were too tight, I was fat. But if they weren’t, I was happy. But sometimes they continued to be too tight for too long, and at these times I knew I had to do something about it.

Once I tried the Cabbage Soup Diet which was very successful but I put on weight again as soon as I stopped. And another time I tried the Zone Diet, which concentrates on low carbohydrates. But I got fed up with that too, and like all “diets” it was very restrictive. So my jeans grew tight again…

Have you lost weight before and regained the weight?

My jeans have grown too tight then loosened up again on countless occasions, and much more so since I turned fifty.

How being overweight has affected you…

The worst thing was that I seemed to be gaining weight more easily as I got near to that time in life where the Menopause starts rearing its ugly head.

"Putting on weight and finding it harder to lose made me feel older and unattractive too!"

I’d look in the mirror at myself, at the tightness of my jeans, at that nasty bulge of fat over the waistline, breathe in deeply to flatten my stomach (to no effect) and then catch a glimpse of my grumpy face glaring back at me, which said it all.

The clothes in my wardrobe didn’t fit me any more so I was confined to only a couple of things that still fitted me. This also made me feel grumpy.

I waited for the weight to mysteriously disappear, but it didn’t. So I blamed it all on the Menopause. I had to face it, I was middle aged and growing fatter – that’s what happens, doesn’t it?

I blamed it on the local water too. (Some secret, fattening ingredient designed to make it taste better.) Then my job. (Bring back bicycles for the district nurse!)

"Then the truth finally dawned – it wasn’t any of these things, it was my own fault, I WAS EATING TOO MUCH!!"

Motivation to Diet

  • My clothes fit me again!
  • I feel much much fitter.
  • These things make me feel happy.
  • So I look much better.
  • Which makes me feel happy.

Discovering Weight Loss Resources

My daughter Kate, aka DietMonketDiet (see Success Stories) showed me. She has done amazingly well after struggling with other weight loss plans for years, and is now stunning and super fit and full of joy – proving it can be done. Which inspired me hugely.

How Weight Loss Resources Helps

It’s forced me to weigh myself weekly and not to bury my head in the sand, hoping the weight would just go away.

It’s encouraged me to think more about what I eat, especially the quantities.

"I have been both surprised and shocked by the calorie contents of some foods."

It’s reminded me of the importance of exercise. Not only does it make a huge difference, it makes you feel so much fitter and healthier. I walk every chance I get now, even to my patients if they are within a 3 mile radius of my base and I have the time. I do longer walks up and down the steep Purbeck coastline and now they take me half the time they used to. I make my partner William come with me so he’s getting fitter too! (Except he spoils it by eating too many naughty things – I’m trying to persuade him to join WLR but he’s not very compliant. At the moment. But I have a plan …)

I am also now more than ready for my son Dan’s next rock gig in Brighton where I will keep up with all the young people boogying away. Not so long ago, I would have said “no, can’t do that, too old and tired".

The Best of Weight Loss Resources

I have been meticulous about the food and exercise diary. Also the history section is incredibly helpful. I also used the messaging but mostly with Kate – comparing weekly weight loss etc. Sharing encouraging words.

Nola's Dieting Tips

I’ve told everyone at work about Weight Loss Resources, pointed out how easy it can be if you put your mind to it, pointed out the benefits of exercise. Two of then have joined already and are thrilled, losing weight, cheering up about their images! Also, being a nurse I am very aware of the benefits of good health and Weight Loss Resources is also invaluable for this – breaking down each food nutritionally, making it easy to work out the fat and fibre content, whether or not you’re eating enough fruit and veg etc. Even my brother, who’s a GP, has taken the details to give to some of his patients!

Just that everyone who is fed up about their weight or health should join! Or join to maintain good health and fitness and self-confidence.

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