Ginny's Non Dieting 12 Stone Weight Loss
Ginny's Non Dieting Weight Loss Success

At 22½ stone, Ginny knew she had to break the cycle of yo-yo dieting and accept that losing weight would require a complete lifestyle change.

Ginny's Non Dieting 12 Stone Weight Loss

At 22½ stone, Ginny knew she had to break the cycle of yo-yo dieting and accept that losing weight would require a complete lifestyle change.

Ginny, Age 27, Height 5' 5"
Start Weight 22st 7lbs
Current Weight 10st 7lbs
Goal Weight 11st
Weight Lost 12st
Working to Rate of Loss 2lb per week

About Ginny

I am a senior manager in the NHS. The job influences me in that I need to promote health, so my previous lifestyle was sending out the wrong messages.

The job is largely desk based and involves long hours, so my activity level was low. Meals were usually snatched and mainly high carb -  crisps, sandwiches, buns etc.

"Over the years, management jobs had caused me to be a ‘desk potato!’"

I was a single mum for many years. Lonely evenings meant comfort eating and an amount of bingeing took place.

I remarried 10 years ago but the new hubby was not critical of my size and that gave me no incentive to change. He loved food too!

Ginny Before


I have two grown up children who have inherited some of my previous bad habits. I worry about my influence on them in the past creating health problems for their future.

My present crusading ‘health-nut persona’ might be able to turn that around.

Dieting History

Pretty much everything and every diet – Cambridge, Atkins, F-Plan, Cabbage Soup

Not sustainable for either cost or practicality reasons. The message was wrong – this was never going to be just a ‘diet’ and until I accepted it as a lifestyle change it was never going to work!

How Did Your Weight Affect You?

I feel like I have wasted my whole adult life until this point. I was always apologising for myself – always ashamed.

My first husband refused to take me out as I was embarrassing to him. I couldn’t sit in chairs with arms (the indignity of having to explain that to waitresses!).

"I couldn’t fit in aeroplane seats and had to have a seat strap extension."

I couldn’t fly in the Islander aircraft that I need to use to visit my Orkney GP practices unless another passenger was left behind!

I was miserable and overcompensating for years and years. Every time this situation got me down I would turn to food as a comfort.

Motivation to Diet

Definitely my health. I was heading for diabetes at the very least, stroke and early death at worst.

My joints were under huge strain, my blood pressure dangerously high, my periods had stopped and my skin was in a dreadful state with soreness, chafing and skin folds that made moving about very uncomfortable.

How WLR Helps

WLR gives me the control over what I eat and how I use it.

"wlr allows me to be totally honest with myself without being judged or criticised."

It has confirmed what I always knew to be true – that good health is in MY control and not the responsibility of some wacky diet or slimming club.

The Best of Weight Loss Resources

The food and exercise diaries, the recipes and the message boards in the Forum!

Why do you think WLR has helped you lose weight where other diets have failed?

WLR does not involve fads.  It allowed me to make this part of my lifestyle and it was PRIVATE and didn’t involve humiliating classes!

The personal approach seems to suit me better and at least with this I can join in as much or as little as I like.

Ginny's Dieting Tips

Stop treating losing weight as a diet. Take responsibility for your health.

"This is not something you can do for a bit then go back to loafing and bingeing!"

It has been a long and tough journey. I have focussed too much on the goal and not enough on the huge weight loss achievement.

Now I am concentrating on maintaining my health and not always weighing myself and feeling like a failure if the scales are not in my favour.

It fluctuates. You fluctuate. Deal with it but don’t let it send you running for the pies!

Lifestyle Changes

Can’t get enough exercise!! I am a gym bunny extreme – I get baity if I don’t exercise! And I am so much more confident and feel years younger.

Ginny Now

Foods that you eat now and didn’t before or do not eat anymore.

I eat whatever I like, but measure it and never binge.

The idea of stuffing my face with carbs makes me feel physically sick. And my portion sizes have reduced significantly. I drink lots more water than ever before.

Exercise routines

Running, cycling, gym, Body Pump, Step, Combat - 6 days a week I have a class or do a run, and I walk at least 5 miles every day with the dog!

"In June, I completed the Hoy ½ marathon in 2hrs 23 mins. It took 3 hrs 50 mins to walk it two years ago. Exercise is the key!"

Any Major Changes?

My marriage ended recently (amicably) and I have a fabulous new job and a big home move any day. I could not have dealt with the stresses of this in my old body.

"Good physical health is essential for good mental health. My positive outlook has enabled me to be strong and independent again."

I have a great relationship with my husband but we are trying a life apart for a while. I feel like I did when I first left home at 17! Scared but excited!

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