Success Story: Dayle
Dayle: Diet Success Story

Dayle's goal to be healthy and reduce the risk of heart disease has motivated her to lose nearly 4 stone.

Success Story: Dayle

Dayle, Age 31, Height 5ft 3in
Start Weight 14st 13lbs
Current Weight 11st
Goal Weight 10st
Weight Lost 3st 13lbs
Working to Rate of Loss 2lbs per week, then 1lb

Dieting History

Haven’t followed any particular diets in the past, just tried generally cutting down.

Attended local slimming classes with my Mum when I was in my teens.

Have you Lost Weight Before and Regained the Weight?

Yes. I’ve always yo-yo’d to some extent.

But I reached my heaviest weight of 16st 5lbs in 2002 and began “dieting” after seeing photos of myself on holiday.

I had lost just over 5 stone by May 2004. After returning from holiday in 2004, I then regained almost 4 stone within a year.

How Being Overweight has Affected you…

My weight has always depressed me greatly.

I hated going out looking really fat compared to my friends.

"Despite trying to dress smart, I always felt people were looking at me because of my size etc"

My social life was almost non existent, preferring to stay indoors and eat.

Motivation to Diet

My motivation to lose the weight is to be healthy and reduce my risk of heart disease etc.

I also suffer from endometriosis and was advised my obesity wasn’t helping my symptoms.

"My biggest motivation at the moment is to run the Race for Life in July."

Discovering Weight Loss Resources

Surfing the internet looking for a calorie counter for a friend. Signed up for the free trial and decided to give it a go myself.

How Weight Loss Resources Helps

I’ve found using the Food Diary a great help as I can keep an eye on what I am eating and how many calories I am consuming, without it being too “structured” i.e. Weight Watchers points etc.

"I’m more conscious of when I am eating and why i.e. am I hungry or just munching because I’m bored." 

I’ve received loads of advice and support from fellow members and the research sections of the site.

The Best of Weight Loss Resources

I use the food / exercise diary’s daily and the message boards.

"I recently took up running and find it helps enormously keeping in touch with similar people." 

I also find it motivating to read of other peoples goals / targets and their ups and downs.

The nutritional info chart is also good for keeping my F&V intake in check … I find I lose more on the weeks where I eat plenty F&V.

Dayle's Dieting Tips

I would say to anyone, to complete their Food Diary and to be honest with it.

"Even if you have a bad day, fill it in as it isn’t always as bad as it may seem. You may be surprised."

The site has helped me curb my “out of control evening munchies” …. I read the message boards to take my mind off it and you’ll always find someone to chat to if need be.

Take each day as it comes and try not to put too much pressure on yourself. Healthy Eating / good balance of exercise is the way to go.

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* Note: The success stories published on Weight Loss Resources are written by WLR members, past and present, telling their own stories in their own words. As you will see if you read more than one or two of them, everyone's story is different and they have reached their success from a variety of starting points and lost weight at varying rates. Individual results may vary.

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