Success Story: Adele
Adele Diet Success Story

Adele has seen her confidence and self-esteem soar after losing 3st 11lbs, here's her story...

Success Story: Adele

Adele, Age 20, Height 5ft 5in
Start Weight 14st
Current Weight 10st 3lbs
Goal Weight 9st 7lbs
Weight Lost 3st 11lbs
Working to Rate of Loss Varied!

Dieting History

Tried Atkins – lost very quickly, then regained when started eating ‘normally’ again. Weight Watchers – lost for a few weeks then gained weekly for the next few months! Due to lack of motivation and public weighing I think.

Have you lost weight before and regained the weight?

Yes, When I was in my first long term relationship I put on about 3 stone (in 1.5 years), but lost it again by myself when I was single.

Then the same happened in the next relationship but I put on 4 stone (in 2 years) this time!

So, obviously I am a contentment eater which is still a problem as I bagged myself a new bloke in April. But with the help of WLR I have managed to mostly maintain sometime lose if I’m lucky, other times a bit of a gain.

How being overweight has affected you…

Losing nearly 4 stone has affected my confidence a lot..

"I have sooooooooo much more confidence now, it's unreal"

I used to not want to go out coz I looked and felt horrible, I didn’t like getting changed/undressed in front of my boyfriend – Sometimes now I still feel a bit funny about these things but then I compare how I look now to how I looked this time last year when I started with WLR I realise how stupid I am being!

I can’t stress the confidence enough!

Started a new year at college last month and it was also a new college, so all new people. A year ago I wouldn’t have said a word, been so scared, kept myself to myself.

But I shocked myself when I went as I wasn’t nervous. I spoke at ease with my tutor and to fellow students.

"Sometimes I wonder who I am!"

Also, I always felt so lethargic but exercise makes you feel so much better (even though the thought of it sometimes is horrible and I’d rather go home to a warm cosy bed)!

Motivation to Diet

  • To be happier when I look in the mirror
  • To be able to wear the clothes I want to and look good in them (I sound so vain!)
  • To not be embarrassed at the number on the hanger when buying clothes
  • To not think that people are looking at me and thinking ‘why is she wearing that?’
  • To be able to run more races and walk up Durdle Door steps and not be out of breath!

Discovering Weight Loss Resources

Search Engine

How Weight Loss Resources Helps

Diaries are a godsend (when you fill them in!). The articles are good to read for motivation and knowledge.

"The member’s support on the message boards is invaluable."

If it weren’t for a member talking about drinking water last year just before Xmas I don’t think I’d have stuck around as I’d started losing less weight and less often.

Now I think to myself – do I want to lose weight? Of course, the answer is yes. Ok then drink 2 litres of water a day (and stick to cals obviously!)

The Best of Weight Loss Resources

I read the message boards daily – though don’t always post! And Personal Message my WLR buddies too.

Obviously I wouldn’t be here without the diaries either – the times that I have gained have always been times when I’m not filling in my food diary!

I read the new articles every time they come out.

Adele's Dieting Tips

Ummmmm – where to start!

  • Take your time. You have to live a life too. The weight didn’t come on overnight so it isn’t going to disappear that quickly either.
  • Eat exercise calories.
  • Put you’re rate of loss down if you’re struggling – no harm in doing so. In fact, it is good for your metabolism!
  • Try running! Enter yourself into races. I did my first 5k in June and have got my 10k this month. It’s great for the muscles and the calories! And there is a great bunch of people on the Runner’s message board, Members Forum, with a wealth of knowledge.
  • Buy some trousers or an outfit that is a size or two too small and hang it up somewhere obvious that you will see daily – I did this throughout my weight loss and once even didn’t try the trousers on til they were too big!
  • Treat yourself. Don’t deprive yourself! If you want chocolate treat yourself to a little bar every so often, or a bigger one at the weekend. If you love takeaways – save up calories and have one! Nothing is banned on WLR – just so long as you stick to your calorie quota.
  • Post a message if you have a problem of any sort, someone will always be around to give you support or whatever you need.

I have had terrible, bad, good and angelic days/weeks/months. Take it all as it comes. I still managed to lose 4 stone in 10 months.

If you can’t not eat the food, don’t have it in the house, even if you have hubbie/kids they will benefit from not having it there too.

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