Diet Success Stories

Detailed dieting success stories in the words of the people who did it. Read on to find out how

Losing 7 Stones, Rachel's Way

Rachel used to feel invisible - after her amazing 7 stone weight loss she feels like the world has noticed she exists!

Ginny's Non Dieting 12 Stone Weight Loss

At 22½ stone, Ginny knew she had to break the cycle of yo-yo dieting and accept that losing weight would require a complete lifestyle change.

Success Story: Amanda

Amanda's candid diet success story.

Heidi Got to Grips with Her Diet and Shed 4 Stone

Throughout her life Heidi had a poor image of her body - 4 stone lighter she now feels good about herself!

Tina Loses 5 Stone with WLR

Six months ago Tina's health and cardiac problems were giving her cause for concern. Having lost nearly 5st she is fitter and healthier with all health problems rectified...

Sarah's Diet Success Story

Sarah's lost 1kg a week on her diet with WLR, here's how she did it.

Yo-yo Dieter, Julie Broke the Cycle

Julie's Lost 6 Stone and Gained Her Confidence - Read her dieting success with wlr

Busy Mum, Sarah Lost 3.5 Stone Pregnancy Weight

Busy mum Sarah shares her dieting tips for her 3½ stone weight loss. Read about her diet and slimming success.

Success Story: Katherine

Pregnancies left Katherine overweight and hating her body. Using WLR has given her the knowledge to make changes to her eating habits to lose weight and become healthier

Emma Lost 2.5 Stone for Her Wedding

Emma's forthcoming wedding motivated her to diet, here's how she's lost nearly 3 stone.

Success Story: Mary

Mary's yo-yo dieted for years. Her motivation to lose weight and become healthier was completing a trek in Nepal for Breast Cancer Care.

Success Story: Teresa

Depressed about her appearance, Teresa decided to do something about it and with WLR has lost 2st 7lbs.

Success Story: Kate

Kate's weight loss of 2½ stone has made her more confident, feel healthier and have lots more energy to enjoy life.

Success Story: Linda

Linda's diet success came from learning about food and calories, here's how she lost 14 inches.

Hazel Diet Success Story

Hazel's motivation to diet sprung from wanting to be healthy. Here's how she lost over 3 stone with a healthy diet.

Success Story: Katrina

A tropical holiday gave Katrina the motivation to lose weight.

Success Story: Adele

Adele has seen her confidence and self-esteem soar after losing 3st 11lbs, here's her story...

Success Story: Rob

Rob(33) has lost 2st 5lbs so far, here's his inspiring diet success story.

Ann's Diet Success Story

After yo-yo dieting for 40 years, Ann now has less than 10kg to lose to reach her weight loss goal.

Success Story: Laura

Fed up and unhappy, Laura was embarrassed by her size. Find out how she lost over 1½ stone by taking the Weight Loss Resources free trial.

Success Story: Leah

Having battled with her weight and perceived pressures to be skinny, Leah decided this year to sort out her dietary habits. Weight loss to date: 1st 7lbs.

Colin's Diet Success Story

Colin's diet is going great thanks to learning about calories and having the tools to create his own menus.

Joanna Reached her Goal Weight - Despite an Under Active Thyroid!

Joanna has Yo-Yo Dieted since the age of 8. Having lost weight, Jo has found a new career as a fitness instructor. Well done to her for losing over 4 stone to reach her goal weight of 10 stone. Here's her story:

Sam No Longer Starts a Diet Every Monday!

Fed up of starting a new diet every Monday, Sam has used WLR to record her food consumption and work to her daily calorie quota resulting in a weight loss of 2st 13lb.

Success Story: Gareth

Gareth has used WLR as a crutch in his weight loss journey to lose nearly seven stone.

James Diet Success Story

James (23) successfully shed 3 stone after an embarrasing 'trouser incident' here's his success story and top dieting tips.

Success Story: Quentin

How Quentin reached his goal weight with a balanced, calorie controlled diet and exercise.

Emma's Weight Loss Success

Emma's never been able to lose weight when she's tried to diet before, here's how she's found success with WLR.

Success Story: Gillian

Having tried every fad diet, Gillian decided enough was enough. Using WLR, Gillian has lost over 3st and is determined to be slim forever.

Tracey Feels More in Control of her Depression

Tracey has used Weight Loss Resources to learn about food and her eating habits 'I didn't need to be on a diet anymore - I needed to change my lifestyle.' The end result: over 5 stone lost in bodyweight.

Success Story: Dayle

Dayle's goal to be healthy and reduce the risk of heart disease has motivated her to lose nearly 4 stone.

Success Story: Becky

Using the tools of WLR has helped Becky lose 3st 7lbs and she feels healthier than ever.

Success Story: Wendy

With WLR Wendy liked the way everything she needed to lose weight was online with the added bonus of support from people in the same position.

Success Story: Phil

Health scares forced Phil to pay attention to his weight. He has used WLR to monitor food and exercise on a daily basis and lose 26lbs.

Success Story: Gill

Using the tools of WLR has helped Becky lose 3st 7lbs and she feels healthier than ever.

Success Story: Leigh

Leigh felt more comfortable fading into the background and didn’t want to be seen as’the fat one’. Read how she lost weight by re-educating her eating habits.

Simone's Dieting Success Story

Simone's Dieting Success Story

Success Story: Gemma

Using Weight Loss Resources has stopped Gemma's cycle of crash dieting and unhealthy eating.

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* Note: The success stories published on Weight Loss Resources are written by WLR members, past and present, telling their own stories in their own words. As you will see if you read more than one or two of them, everyone's story is different and they have reached their success from a variety of starting points and lost weight at varying rates. Individual results may vary.

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