Fat Bloke Slims - How I lost three stone by Bruce Byron
Fat Bloke Slims - How I lost three stone by Bruce Byron

In his new book ‘Fat Bloke Slims’ Bruce Byron (D.C. Terry Perkins of ITV’s drama series, The Bill) tackles slimming for men head on and tells the story of how he lost 3 stone. Weight Loss Resources’ Pat Wilson takes a look at this enlightening book written by an ‘ordinary bloke’.

Fat Bloke Slims - How I lost three stone by Bruce Byron

Reviewed by Weight Loss Resources Staff Pat Wilson

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What an enlightening read ‘Fat Bloke Slims’ proves to be. We are talking men and we are talking weight loss. Let’s face it, there isn’t an abundance of material about men and how they lost weight. Men don’t talk about their weight, their appearance or their latest diet plan and how it is working. Yet, here we have actor, Bruce Byron, whom many of you will know as DC Terry Perkins, from The Bill, baring his soul about his weight and how he lost 3 stone to become fitter and healthier.

Forget the TV credits, this is a refreshingly honest story of an ordinary bloke dealing with the fact that he is overweight and leading an unhealthy lifestyle. He is a normal bloke who works long hours , eats too much unhealthy food, drinks too much alcohol and doesn’t get enough physical exercise. And, he is a bloke who is battling with very male, ambivalent feelings about caring about his weight and caring about his appearance. Sound familiar?

A wake up call after the death of his father in law from a massive coronary gives Byron the impetus to change. Byron wants to be around to see his children grow up, he wants to play and do exciting activities with his family, enjoy growing old with wife and be around long enough to enjoy the rewards of their very hard-earned success.

Covering every stage of his weight loss journey, Byron’s book is full of practical tips, solutions to problems he has encountered, advice and lots of encouragement for other men to do the same. He takes you around the supermarket and gives you lists of foods to choose from. He practises portion control and has been known to weigh food to check how much he is actually eating. His low down on alcohol any man will relate to and how he deals with it should prove inspirational. As his journey progresses, Byron passes on all he has learnt about losing weight, being healthy and getting fitter in an entertaining and very motivational way.

Therein lies the beauty of ‘Fat Bloke Slims.’ It is a step by step guide for any man to follow to lose weight. Given official statistics show that 65% of adult men are overweight or obese, this book can only help reach out to those overweight men who may need some help from someone who has done it.

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