What Are You Really Eating? by Amanda Ursell
Diet Book Review: What are You Really Eating?

What Are You Really Eating?

By WLR Staff, by Pat Wilson

Thoughts of buying and reading a book about ‘Food Labelling’ might just send you to sleep but before you drift off consider something.

You are striving to be fit, healthy and slim and are watching what you eat and you know exactly what you are eating, don’t you?

The information crammed on a food label confuses even the ‘experts’ who are watching what they eat. Amanda Ursell begins her book with a reassuring statement – ‘I’m a nutritionist and until I sat down to write this book, even I was bemused by some of the things I’d read.’

In a personal and down-to-earth style (no heavy technical jargon here) Amanda covers all angles on a food label; what the terms on the labels mean; what ‘claims’ can be made and how to understand exactly what they mean; symbols and logos; organic foods;’ genetically modified foods;’ additives;’ the meanings of ‘pure,’ ‘natural’ and ‘traditional’ on products’; functional foods and much more. Keeping the book topical, Amanda gives two chapters to Glycaemic Index and Low Carb diets. Cutting through some of the confusion, Amanda goes through each aspect of the diets and explains how knowing about food labels helps you to make the right decisions about what to buy to follow these diets.

The book clarifies legal requirements and what can and cannot be said on a label. It also clarifies whether there are in fact any legal requirements for certain claims. Knowing the rules does help. Knowledge gives you the power to make the right choices.

The book may surprise you as it actually makes the subject of food labelling interesting; you want to know more as you read each chapter.

At £5.99 this book is a worthwhile purchase for anyone who really wants to know what they are eating and follow a healthy diet.

Get your copy from The Hut for £5.99 including UK delivery.

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