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Tony Ferguson Diet – Transition Phase

How do I lose weight on the Tony ferguson diet? What foods can I eat? What do I have to avoid? Dietitian Juliette Kellow explains.

Tony Ferguson Diet – Transition Phase

Reviewed By Dietitian, Juliette Kellow BSc RD

What happens in Tony Ferguson transition?

The transition stage of the Tony Ferguson diet is designed to help you move smoothly from the Weight Loss phase to the Freedom phase.

When do I enter the transition phase?

You normally enter the transition period of the diet when you have reached or are close to your target weight (most people continue to lose weight during this period of the Tony Ferguson diet).

What happens if I want a break?

You can also follow Tony Ferguson’s transition phase if you fancy a brief change from the Weight Loss period of the diet , are missing your favourite foods, or if you’re going on holiday or are unwell.

The Tony Ferguson transition phase:

During this period of the Tony Ferguson diet, you slowly reintroduce more traditional carbs. In essence, you swap one of your two daily shakes, soups or bars with a meal that consists of low GI veg together with TWO of the following three components:

  • Protein: ½ serving of protein from the choices in the Weight Loss phase
  • Low GI Carbs: 1 serving of low GI carbs, such as multigrain bread, wholegrain pitta or wraps, high-fibre cereal, basmati rice, egg noodles, baked beans, pasta or wholegrain crackers.
  • Dairy: 1 serving of dairy products, such as fat-free or low-fat yoghurt, skimmed milk, reduced-fat cheddar or cottage cheese.

What is a typical Tony Ferguson meal?

This means your meal could be a chicken salad sandwich (Protein and Carbs), wholegrain crackers with cheese and tomato (Carbs and Dairy) or a tuna and cheese salad (Protein and Dairy).

There are also examples of occasional meals you can have once a week. Plus, you can swap your treats for 100-calorie snacks each day or 200-calorie occasional snacks up to three times a week.

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