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Tony Ferguson Diet – Freedom Phase

What is the freedom phase of the Tony Ferguson Diet?  Find out what freedom involves and what you can eat using Tony Ferguson for life.

Tony Ferguson Diet Freedom Phase

Reviewed by Dietitian, Juliette Kellow BSc RD

What is the Freedom Phase of the Tony Ferguson Diet?

This phase of the Tony Ferguson Diet allows you to reintroduce a range of foods back into your diet once you’ve reached your weight loss goal.

When can I move to Freedom?

You move to the Tony Ferguson Freedom part of the phased diet when you’ve followed the transition period for at least two weeks.

However, with the Tony Ferguson diet, you can also swap to this phase for a short period of time if you fancy a change but still haven’t reached your target weight.

The aim of this Freedom phase is to help you maintain your new weight by opting for low GI carbs, controlling portions, having lean protein at every meal and learning how to eat favourite meals in moderation.

What do I eat in the freedom phase?

Three diet plans are available to follow during this Freedom phase:

  • Plan 1 provides 1,800 calories and is designed for women under 12st
  • Plan 2 provides 2,200 calories and is designed for women over 12st and men under 12st
  • Plan 3 provides 2,600 calories and is designed for men over 12st

You follow this phase for life!

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