Jenny Craig Diet Review FAQs
Jenny Craig Diet Review - Cost and FAQ

The Jenny Craig Programme will plan your meals and claims to be a unique weight loss program. But will the Jenny Craig Diet cost your pocket more than your waistline?

The Jenny Craig Diet - Cost and FAQ

By WLR's Food Information Executive, Laurence Beeken

Update: As of 28.06.13, Jenny Craig ceased its UK operation.

The weight loss claims of the Jenny Craig Diet are certainly attention grabbing, you simply eat their meals and lose weight fast. But with no interactive website (you call and speak to a coach) dieting information is limited. So if you are stuck for time and need to know the cost for the Jenny Craig Diet or the cost of the Jenny Craig food then read on...

Initial contact is easy using the number on their website. After a few rings an answer phone message explains that you will be put through to an advisor and that calls may be recorded for training purposes.  Unfortunately this message does not come up every time.

You also have the option of requesting a call back.

Opening hours on the phone are:

  • Monday to Friday 9am – 8pm
  • Saturday 9am – 6pm.

The coach that we spoke to took plenty of details down and remained really friendly and patient throughout the conversation even though we stated that we just wanted information.

The Jenny Craig Coach asked us about any medication being taken and, also asked about any other medical conditions such as asthma, heart disease etc.

We were given the history of the company and background of the Jenny Craig Diet around the world as well as the UK.  We then put our questions to them:

The Cost

How much does the Jenny Craig Diet Cost?

You can choose from three plans which all cover a 28 day period.

  • The Jenny Craig Programme – Food, Body, Mind provides your breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack and your personal, one to one consultation. £9.90 / day
  • Jenny Food provides your breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack. £8.90 / day
  • Jenny Consultation provides your weekly consultation. £5.30 / day

In addition, you can elect to pay Membership fees which vary depending on offers.

What are the membership fees?

There are additional membership lengths and fees which entitle you to ongoing support once you have achieved your goal weight to ensure you maintain your weight loss.

Current Membership prices are:

  • £50 for 3 months
  • £90 for 6 months
  • £140 for 12 months

The claimed advantages of this membership fee are:

  • As well as committing emotionally you are committing financially and therefore more likely to stick with it.
  • Having a membership means that you get £25 off each order bringing the 28 day price down to £252.20
Can I try the Jenny Craig Diet free before I join?

Not the food, you have to buy at least 28 days worth of food and either go from month to month or longer cheaper membership plans.

The Site

What do I need to do to use the site?

You don’t actually use the site to lose weight or the Jenny Craig programme, it is only an information point really to answer questions and explain about the Jenny Craig programme a little. Their answer could have been more comprehensive, but it left enough gaps for prospective members to need to call for more information.

Is help available over the phone or can I email?

The whole process is pretty much over the phone, you have one scheduled conversation with your mentor each week, but you can email them from time to time if you need and call them at times other than the pre set consultation each week. The coach that we spoke to was not very clear as to if you were sent any fresh information each month either in your 28 day hamper or via email.

Is the Jenny Craig Diet online?

No, only the information side of it all. You have to call to sign up and get further information.

Is the diet plan easy to use? What do I do when stuck?
Yes it is, you just eat what they send you per the menu. You can also call your mentor at any time for a hand to talk over any issues.

How can I contact other members?

You can only chat a little bit on the blog that Cheryl Baker does. (Jenny Craig is planning on opening ‘Drop in centres’ too but are not clear when)

Site Content

What experts do you use?

Jenny Craig use a full time set of nutritionists and take advice from Dr Ian Campbell.  Coaching staff attend a training course are certified by a Jenny Craig trainer.

Do you have articles/extra information I can read?

You can read over some info on the site and you get some other information from time to time. The coach was not very clear on if this is individual to the member or if you need to request it.

Logs, Graphs and Results

Do you keep a food diary for me?

No, Jenny Craig Meals are sent to you for the week. You can tick them off as you go if you would like.

Do you keep track of exercise?

Not really, you go over exercise plans with your consultant and they encourage you and help plan out what bracket you need to be in calorie-wise with what you have to lose and the exercise you do, 1200/1400/1700 etc. The exercise you do is not specifically added or calculated it seems.

Do you have a graph that reflects my progress?

You chart your progress at home on a graph sheet that is sent out to you. (The coach was not totally clear on this when asked)

Do you have a way for me to plot my results?

Yes, in the pack that is sent out, you will be sent graphs etc to fill in with your mentor on the phone.

The Meal Plans

Can I swap the Jenny Craig meals around?

You can’t play around with food from day to day, for example you cannot swap Wednesdays lunch for Thursdays lunch but you CAN swap Wednesdays lunch and dinner around as long as the food remain on the same day.

Where do you get the calorie information from for the meals?

The coach did not really answer this question at all.

I have an allergy to nuts, can I use the Jenny Craig programme?

If you have a severe allergy then no, if you have any slight intolerance to nuts or other items then highlight this with your guide on sign up.

Can you eat your own recipes and food?

There is not much point in doing so and Jenny Craig provides a breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks for every day. You can do this if you like but it is best to call ahead and plan the best course of action if you are determined to eat something home cooked and make the best choices possible. You can also eat out but need to do the same thing and call the mentor.

Can I drink alcohol on the plan?

Yes, but your consultant will guide you to better choices and help you log this and accommodate for it in your calories. Unfortunately the coach was quite vague on the ins and outs of this.

Health Concerns

I have a dairy intolerance, can you change the food plan to suit me?

Yes, as you add your own fruit, veg and dairy to the diet you can exclude what you want or add dairy substitutes as you wish. You can discuss changes with your mentor.

Can I use the plan when I am pregnant?


Can I use the Jenny Craig Diet when I am breastfeeding?

Yes, but only after 3 months.

What happens further down the line if I lose weight?

At your half way point you will go down to a few Jenny Craig meals a week, but your consultant will still be on hand to help you make healthy choices about food and what you to eat outside of the Jenny Craig range. The cost of the food will go down too which is good!

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In Conclusion

The Jenny Craig Diet operates like many other diets currently on the market.

As always, it’s a reduction in calories that will shift those pounds. The Jenny Craig diet is yet another way to do this and might suit you if you can afford the cost of the Jenny Craig Meals.  But ultimately, it’s just as easy – and much cheaper – to follow a 1,200-1,400 calorie diet based on foods from the four main food groups.

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