Delivered Diet Food: Jane Plan Review

By WLR Staff


Jane Plan is a bespoke diet food delivery programme that is portion and calorie controlled.

Founder, Jane Michelle promises ‘real’ food that will nourish her ‘patients’ throughout their weight loss journey.

Jane started cooking delicious, healthy, calorie controlled meals for her friends who then noticed a difference on the scales. She decided there was a gap in the market for her food and Jane Plan was born.

How much will Jane Plan cost me?

(Prices checked January 2018)

The cost of Jane Plan depends on how long you want to do it for or how much weight you have to lose.

  • 1 month - £249 per month - £8.89 a day
    • Recommended by Jane Plan for people with around a stone to lose
  • 3 months - £110* per month (was £220) - £7.85 a day
    • Recommended for people with 2 stone to lose
  • 4 months - £99.50* per month (was £199) - £7.10 a day
    • Recommended for someone who has 3 or more stone to lose
  • 5 Day Taster Box – 5 days’ worth of meals for £49.99 so you can try the food. (Can only be ordered over the phone)

*Once you have ordered this pack, the price is frozen for you until you cancel.

You can also get an extra meal each day for your partner, in with your order, at a cost of £3.50 per meal.

Delivery is extra at £7.94 a month to the UK Mainland.

This is a subscription-based delivery service. Once you have got to the end of the plan you have chosen, payments and delivery will be recurring until you cancel.

You also have the option to take weekends off reducing the prices to:

  • 1 month - £199 per month - £9.95 a day
  • 3 months - £169 (was £179) per month - £8.45 a day
  • 4 months - £159 (was £169) per month - £7.95 a day

How does Jane Plan compare to Weight Loss Resources?

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How does Jane Plan work?

During the online sign up process, you are asked to fill in a form with your height, weight, age etc. You can also add in food allergies and dislikes.

Once that’s done, you get a report up on the screen (also emailed to you) that gives you your BMI and BMR etc.

However, the form you fill out does not register you for the website. You cannot log into the site without purchasing a meal plan. 

If you can register before paying, we found the option very difficult to find. 

You are encouraged to contact the team by phone to discuss your diet plan but you can go ahead and order the programme online, choosing which duration you would like it for.

When you have placed your order, Jane Plan will contact you to sort through the meals, your likes, dislikes and allergies to make sure you are getting the correct programme.

How many calories do I get with Jane Plan?

The meals come to approximately 1200 calories a day. If your calorie allowance is higher, you will need to add in fruit and veg as well as the recommended skimmed or semi-skimmed milk.

Jane Plan does have a deal with Abel & Cole in place for their weekly subscription of fruit and veg boxes.

But this will still add to the overall cost and it could also mean you are eating more than you should if you don’t know the exact calories in the extras.

A typical Jane Plan 3 day menu

Breakfast Lunch Dinner Snacks
Raspberry and Honey Porridge Bar Channa Dahl Root Vegetable Casserole Chocolate Dipped Breakfast Bar
Pure Porridge Oats Smoky Bean Chilli Hot Pot Chilli Con Carne Salted Almonds
Toffee Pecan Granola Salmon Salad with Dill Rich Ragu with Beef Slightly Salted Popcorn

What support does Jane Plan offer?

There is an online form, a phone number and an email address that you can use to contact Jane Plan. Their offices are open 8am-8pm Monday to Friday.

There is also a live chat on the website, although it does seem a bit hit and miss as to when there is someone available to talk to.

That said, when it is they are very helpful and when it’s not, you can leave a message. Our message was replied to within an hour and a half on a Wednesday afternoon during office hours.

They offer weekly support once you have signed up to a programme. This involves an email or phone call once a week. You chose which you would prefer when you sign up.

They also say in their FAQs that you can give them a call if you are eating out and they can help you make healthier choices from the menu, much like our own helpteam.

Will Jane Plan work for me?

Like most diet food delivery programmes, Jane Plan’s meals are calorie and portion controlled so, if you stick to the food delivered and follow their guidelines, you will lose weight.

(When you get your first delivery, you get a diet guide that gives you information about how much fruit and veg to add in and a paper food dairy to use to help keep you on the straight and narrow.)

However, adding in fruit and veg without knowing exact calories in the food could stall any results.

How much weight will I lose with Jane Plan?

Jane Plan says that by using their plan you should expect a healthy weight loss of 2lbs a week, depending on how much weight you have to lose. They do recommend talking to one of the team about your plan before ordering.

A healthy, realistic weight loss is 2lbs a week, but to lose that, you would need to eat 1000 less calories than you burn in a day.

For a 1lb a week loss, it's 500 calories less a day.  However, Jane Plan's figures give a 2lb a week weight loss with a 700 calorie a day deficit. A loss of 2lb a week with that calorie deficit isn't achieveable so their figures don't quite stack up.

The BMI report you get also states that you can expect an average loss of 12lbs in the first month which we find a little unrealistic. That would mean a sustained weight loss of at least 3lbs a week. 

While some people experience more than 2lbs loss in the first week or two on most diets, that loss is unlikely to continue into the following weeks.

Weight Loss Resources' View

The meals from Jane Plan look interesting so should keep your taste buds happy but, it may be a good idea to try the 5 day sample pack before you commit to the expense, to make sure it’s your kind of thing.

As with any restrictive plan, there will be the temptation to eat more so, Jane Plan is not a magic wand to melt away the pounds.

As mentioned previously, you will need to buy extra fruit, veg and milk which could prove difficult to monitor without exact calories as offered by the WLR Food Database.

What does give Jane Plan bonus points is that you can buy an evening meal for your partner. This means, if you have no kids at home, you won’t need to prepare other meals and put further temptation in your path.

The site says the food is locally sourced wherever possible and has ‘no added nasties’ (artificial preservatives, colours and additives).

We did find it interesting that you won’t need to store your Jane Plan food in the fridge but it will stay fresh for 28 days.

Apparently they use a cooking method similar to Sous Vide where food is steamed to a high temperature in a pressure cooker. Then they seal each portion while it’s still hot, preserving it naturally.

Ultimately, Jane Plan is a reduction in calories which will shift the pounds if you can afford the cost.

However, it won’t teach you how to cook healthy, calorie controlled meals from scratch yourself and it is just as easy, and cheaper, to follow a 1200-1400 calorie plan based on all four food groups. Especially if you have family at home.

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