Delivered Diet Food: Balance Box

Sister company to The Pure Package, Balance Box offers readymade meals to help aid weight loss and promote a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Delivered right to your door, anywhere in the UK, Balance Box provides fresh, ethically sourced seasonal food that will help you ‘shed the pounds and get the right mix of nutrients to keep you feeling great’.

Created by Jenny Irvine, the brain behind The Pure Package, Balance box is a cheaper and more widely available ready meal service.

How much will Balance Box delivered diet cost me?

(Prices checked January 2018)

Balance box currently offer two meal plans, The Lighter Menu and The Market Menu.

The Lighter Menu Plan – 1200 calories and £19.99 per day
The Market Menu Plan – 1800 calories and £24.99 per day

You have the option of ordering your meals every day of the week, 4 days a week, or 3 days a week.

For the Lighter Menu:

Every day (7 days) -£167.93
4 days - £95.96
3 days - £71.97

For The Market Menu:

Every day (7 days) - £209.91
4 days - £119.95
3 days - £89.96

You have the option of ordering each box as a one off, or you can sign up to a subscription and receive your food weekly.

How does Balance Box compare to Weight Loss Resources?

For just £9.95 per month you can use all of the tools and resources available from WLR.  You’ll learn about portion control and how to change your eating habits for life. We’ll give you the freedom to make you own choices, lose weight and keep it off.

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How does Balance Box work?

Based in New Covent Garden Fruit & Vegetable Market, the same location as Pure Package all food within the meals are fresh.

Unlike Pure Package, Balance Box deliver nationwide and are much more accessible than their sister company.

Balance box are committed to offering the most nutritious, fresh and ethically sourced ingredients to provide the best tasting ready meals.

Within your box you receive a breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks all of which can be heated in the microwave if needed.

All meals are designed by nutritionists to keep you full throughout the day, and less likely to snack on food that's not in your box. 

Balance Box want to provide nutritious, healthy meals that can be made in a rush and require no planning, shopping, or cooking. 

What is my calorie allowance with Balance Box?

Balance Box recommends women with a BMI less than 29 to follow the Lighter Menu, and if above you should try the Market Menu.

For men, if your BMI is less than 29 they recommend following the Lighter Menu.

You have two options regarding calories, either 1200 (Lighter Menu) or 1800 (Market Menu) calories per day depending on the plan you choose.

Balance Box typical menu

Breakfast Snack Lunch Snack Dinner
Roasted Stone Fruit Granola Tangerine & Brazil Nuts Balanced Super Food Salad Trail Bar Spiced Tilapia & Black Bean Salsa

Does Balance Box offer support for dieters?

There is no specific portal for support however there is an online forum, emails, phone number and also the address for if you want to ‘pay them a visit’.

Can I try before I buy?

Unlike Weight Loss Resources, Balance Box does not offer any free trials.

Will Balance Box work for me?

As there are not many options regarding calorie allowance it will depend on how much weight you need to lose.

However, anyone who follows a strict meal plan at 1200/1800 calories is likely to lose weight. As long as you don’t deviate from the planned meals and snacks you are given.

As a much cheaper option than their sister brand, Balance Box may work for you if you’re willing to pay £19.99 per day for your meals.

There is not a huge amount of information on the Balance Box website regarding weight loss, and how much you will lose as I’m sure they are aware everyone is different depending on BMI and how much weight you would like to lose.

All people are different and will need a different calorie allowance to lose weight safely.

How much weight will I lose?

There is no claim on the Balance Box website of how much you should expect to lose.

Weight Loss Resources’ View

Balance Box is a great idea and the taster menu looks delicious, however, the plan seems to be more about enjoying food via portion control rather than losing weight.

You can learn about portion control without having to pay upwards of £20 a day for someone else to do it for you.

On the other hand, if you enjoy good food and have a very busy lifestyle Balance Box may be for you. As all meals can be popped in the microwave it is very convenient and provides healthy, nutritious food.

Although, no information can be seen on the website regarding the nutritional information of the meals. When losing weight it is important to retain nutrients, especially if you’re eating less.

There is also not a lot of information as to how much weight you could lose by ordering calorie controlled meals. 

As mentioned above, sticking to an allowance of 1200-1800 calories a day is sure to help you move you pounds. 

However, ultimately Balance Box provides a mid/highly priced way to follow a caloire controlled diet, something that can be done via normal food from the four main food groups by simply calorie counting.

Devise Your Own Diet Plan

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