Delivered Diet Food: Natural Ketosis (Go Lower)

By WLR's Site Manager, Laurence Beeken

Natural Ketosis (previously Go Lower) is an online diet delivery site that provides high protein and low carbohydrate meals delivered to you in a hamper every 2 weeks.

Claiming to be the experts in high protein, low carb diets, Natural Ketosis aim to deliver premade weight loss meals which are cost effective.

How much will Natural Ketosis delivered food diet cost me?

Cost depends on the plan you choose, there are delivery plans that offer pre made meals, or meal plans that provide recipes but you do the cooking. 

The delivery plans you can chose from are:

  • The Super Keto Plan - £270 for 28 days - £9.64 a day
    • Under 20g of carbs a day. Choose 28 breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks
  • The Intermittent Fasting Keto Plan - £255 for 28 days - £9.10 a day
    • Ultimate fat burn. Choose 28 lunches, dinners, snack and 4 treats. No breakfast with this plan
  • The Low Calories Keto Plan - £270 for 28 days - £9.64 a day
    • Averaging at 800 caloires per day. Choose 28 breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks and 2 treats
  • The Low Carb Ketogenic Plan - £270 for 28 days - £9.64 a day
    • Average of 50g of carbs a day. Choose 28 breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks with 8 treats
  • The Keto Protein Plan - £170 for 28 days - £9.29 a day
    • A two week fat burn and muscle build plan. Choose 14 breakfasts, lunches, dinners, 28 snacks and 7 treats.
  • The 14 Day Keto Starter Kit - £160 for 14 days - £11.42 a day
    • Low carb made easy. Choose 14 breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks.

The Meal Plans:

Ideal for those who enjoy cooking, this option includes recipes and shopping lists personally made for you by the Natural Ketosis team. 

You only have to follow 4 steps:

  • Fill out an online application form with your food requirments and preferences
  • Purchase the KetoKooks Meal Plan online for £25
  • Recieve customised meal plans, recipes and shopping lists
  • Cook your recipes and enjoy. 

How does Natural Ketosis compare to Weight Loss Resources?

For just £11.95 per month you can use all of the tools and resources available from WLR. You’ll learn how to reduce portions and how to change your eating habits for life.  We’ll give you the freedom to make you own choices, lose weight and keep it off.

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How does Natural Ketosis diet delivery work?

The theory is that when you stop eating starch and sugar your body will start to burn excess fat to provide itself with energy - ketosis.  

There is no need to starve yourself, or replace meals with shakes. The delivered food in the diet does it all for you.

All food delivered is Natural Ketosis Whole Food and is made with all natural ingredients, no artificial sweetners or additives. 

You also have the option to have your own recipes tailor made for you. Meal plans are created by the team and then emailed to you each week.

How many calories am I allowed with Natural Ketosis?

There is no specific calorie quota given, although meals are calorie counted. The plan is essentially a low carb diet with a recommendation of no more than 50-60g of carbs a day.

Natural Ketosis claim that you will also benefit from:

  • Weight and inch loss
  • Reduction in stored body fat
  • Increase in energy levels
  • Stable blood sugars
  • Improvement in hair, skin and nails
  • Feeling fuller for longer
  • Less sugar cravings

A typical menu for the Natural Ketosis Plan

Breakfast Lunch Dinner Snacks Treats
Seed & Nut Granola Ham Hock Broth Lemon Chicken with Thyme Salt & Vinegar Pork Crunch Caramel & Sea Salt Bar
Seed & Chocolate Granola Tex Mex Soup Red Thai Chicken Curry Coconut Ultra Mix Chocolate Brownie
Coconut & Seed Porridge Broccoli and Blue Cheese Soup Sweet Chilli Pork Raspberry Nut Bar Chocolate Orange Pudding

Breakfast is where you get most of the carbs in the diet, and as such there are nto many of them and they're rather uninteresting.

The other meals however do vary, which will help to keep the taste buds interested.

On the other hand there are no dinner options for vegetarians, and limited lunch optons. 

What support is offered by Natural Ketosis?

Before joining you can have a free call back option to discuss the site and what it has to offer.

There is a live chat facility on the site and a phone number that you can use Monday-Thursday 8am-5pm and 8am-4pm on Fridays.

Alternatively, there are a couple of email addresses, depending on your query, or a form you can submit to request a call back.

Calls are free from a landline, but if using a mobile check your price plan.

There is also the option to complete a consultation form online that will be recieved by nutritionst to offer advice on whether the plan would be suitable for you. 

Natural Ketosis also have an online service for memebers that offers:

  • A Members Forum - much like the WLR Forums this is a place for advice and support from one member to another.
  • Personal Profile - to record your weight and inches lost.
  • Natural Ketosis Recipes - avaliable for when memebers are ready to prapre their own food and transition off Natural Ketosis Food.
  • Nutritional Guidence - access to information regarding Eating Our Guides and Drinks Lists.
  • The Natural Ketosis Shop - exclusive to members only, some treats and snacks can be purchased.

Can I try before I buy?

Unlike Weight Loss Resources, there is no free trial, however a 14 day Starter Kit is avaliable for £160.

Will Natural Ketosis Work For Me?

Following this particular plan could be problematic in the future as it is basically a low carb diet similar to Atkins.

Reducing carbohydrates in your diet entirely is extremely difficult in today’s society.

There is the temptation to revert to eating carbs after the diet ends which could mean regaining all of your lost weight.

There are also health risks linked with following these types of diet plans. Having such large quantities of protein especially if you are a sufferer of high blood pressure will put tremendous strain on your kidneys.

Because there is no way to monitor your additional eating, following this delivered food diet allows you to eat the largest quantity of food as it is not calorie controlled.

However as all of this food must be meats, eggs or dairy, if you do eat extra it will add largely to the cost.

Extra food is extra money on top of the hefty sum you would already be paying and the items allowed are all expensive.

If you are a vegetarian or vegan, Natural Ketosis diet plans will not work for you, as there is no avaliability for vegetarian/vegan dinners - however you could try the meal plans.

How much weight could I lose?

Natural Ketosis claim that you will lose a stone a month by following their diet delivery programme. That's quite high, but not totally unusual for low carb.

The problem is that much of this initial weight loss will be glycogen and water lost from your muscle tissues rather than fat.

Weight Loss Resources' View

Natural Ketosis low carb/ketosis diet will result in weight loss as we know from the similar Atkins diet.

We also know that maintaining ketosis for any period of time is near impossible, and has associated health issues (plus there’s the bad breath)!  

The fact that ‘fast’ weight loss is highlighted a number of times throughout the website also rings alarm bells as rapid weight loss is not desirable for the majority of people.

Their ‘no need to exercise’ stance is probably due to the fact that without energy from carbs you would be unable to sustain and form of fitness anyway, so combined with rapid weight loss you may just end up very baggy…

The idea of ‘banning’ or ‘limiting’ carbs makes this diet rather faddy, and more likely to fail after the initial weight loss. Natural Ketosis may claim to ‘re-educate’ you, but the lessons are not on how to eat a balanced diet, which includes carbohydrates.

Ultimately, until more research is done to identify the long-term risks or benefits of low carb diets, it would be best to err on the side of caution.

If you still want to give it a go, try it for a couple of weeks at most and then transferring to a longer-term, lower-fat diet that includes a wide range of foods, including carbs!

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