Calorie Carb and Fat Bible
Diet Review: Calorie Carb & Fat Bible

by Weight Loss Resources, £19.99

Calorie Carb & Fat Bible Review

By Dietitian Lyndel Costain BSc RD

What’s the theory?

No gimmicks here. The Calorie, Carb and Fat Bible shoots straight from the hip with the plain facts about weight loss.

Liposuction aside, you can only lose weight if you consume fewer calories than you burn, and this clear and comprehensive book gives you the tools to count calories and eat the right amount to lose weight healthily – and for life.

What does the diet involve?

The diet involves ‘taking control of calories’. The bulk of the book is a calorie (and carbohydrate, fat and fibre) counter for 21,000 foods, including popular foods eaten out. Calorie information is provided per 100g and per average portion.

It also contains reference charts for personal calorie needs for different rates of weight loss, and weight maintenance.

Using the provided food diary you simply write down everything you eat, work out the calorie content and aim to keep to your chosen calorie target.

You can also earn extra calories to spend on food by doing more exercise; tools are provided to help you.

You decide what you eat and can include favourite foods (and not feel deprived) rather than try to follow complicated diet rules – that never last for long! And to make sure your diet is healthy and balanced, simple pointers about portion sizes, food groups and healthy proportions are given.

How much weight will I lose?

Depending on the calorie level you choose, 1 to 2 pounds a week, which is the healthy rate to lose weight.

What else does the book include?

It also comes with guidance on how to assess your weight, facts about weight loss and top tips for getting started, keeping on going and then keeping the weight off.

Lyndel’s verdict

This is a refreshing, no-nonsense guide for healthy weight control. Any diet, no matter what it might promise, is simply a set of rules that helps you to consume fewer calories than you burn.

The Bible puts you in control and will also help people who are eating healthily but still can’t shift the pounds – they will you see how important portion sizes are, and how each little nibble here and there, really adds up.

The book itself could have more practical detail about overcoming problem areas and being more active – but readers can simply log on to the sister resource Weight Loss Resources for more help and support.

I would also like to see mention of the benefits of aiming to lose 10% of your weight, at least as a first step. Evidence suggests that for most people this is both very beneficial and realistic.

Overall this is great book to have as part of your long-term weight control tool kit. I am glad it is now part of mine!


In the press

"What a brilliant book. I know I'll be sinking my teeth into it."  Amanda Ursell - The Sun Nutritionist

"To help you make low-cal choices everyday, invest in a copy." Zest Magazine

"There is no doubt that the food listings are extremely helpful for anyone wishing to control their calorie intake in order to lose pounds or maintain a healthy weight." Women's Fitness

"Great news! Ditch the bad eating habits and get that diet sorted once and for all" Essentials Magazine

"Quite simply and astonishing achievement by the authors." Evening Post, Nottingham

"There are so many faddy diet books around, but what it boils down to is the amount of calories you actually take into your body compared with the amount you expend in exercise and activity. This book gives you all the basic information so you can work out your daily needs, plus the calorie counts of a vast range of... foods"Angela Dowden, Woman Magazine

"This is a welcome resources in view of the 'national epidemic of obesity'." Bryony Philip, Bowel Cancer UK

"The authors seem to understand the problems of slimming." Dr John Campion

"Jam-packed with info on dieting, and full to bursting point with the calorie, carbohydrate and fat values of thousands of different foods, including branded ones, it's the perfect weight loss tool for those of us needing to keep an eye on our daily intake." Evening Express, Aberdeen

"Excellent resource tool - used by myself in my role as Practice Nurse." Pam Boal, Sunderland


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Customer Reviews

Weight Loss!

by bhoopalanon




What am I eating

by Rodger Whittaker

As a result of side-effects, I have had to stop my prescription appetite suppressant. I am seriously ill, [but happy] and need to know exactly how many calories I am having!

The C,C & Fat Bible enables me to resolve my calorie count simply!. Reading the different entries, is actually Fun!!

Perhaps one of my better buys.

The Calorie, Carb & Fat Bible

by Marion

Very concise. Helpful info at the beginning of book all straight forward

Only fault is the American "cup" measurement in some things have to look for a weight measure. I had a problem looking for plain roast chicken .........

Good eating out section

Takes time time to get to know the lay out

All in all very good would / have recommended it

very helpful

by Nicoleta

is a very good bible for control the every meal u have ur body under control

True what it does.

by Martin

Very good reference to what you have been eating and what change you can make to your eating intake, its simple now.

Calorie Carb and Fat Bible

by D D Willis

Very informative.

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