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The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl
The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl

WLR’s Pat Wilson reviews Shauna Reid’s ‘The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl’ and recommends you read it!

The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl by
Shauna Reid

By WLR Staff, by Pat Wilson

  Stone Pounds Kilograms
Before: 25 st 351 lbs 159.2 kg
After: 12.5 st 175.5 lbs 79.6 kg
Loss: 12.5 st 175.5 lbs 79.6 kg

‘I'm Shauna Reid, a Scotland-dwelling Australian lass.  My lard-busting adventure began in Canberra in January 2001, weighing in at 351 pounds (almost 160 kilos). Six years of hard work and healthy eating later, on the other side of the planet, I'd lost exactly half my body weight. I've been blogging my ups and downs since day one, and now I've written a book’.

Shauna Reid has provided a truly enlightening insight into what it is like to be obese and trying to lose weight in today’s society.

‘The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl’ is an edited version of Shauna’s anonymous Internet blog – documenting her weight loss journey to lose 12½ stone. Yes, 12½ stone. How could anyone have that much weight to lose? Shauna asked herself the same question when she weighed in at a Weight Watchers meeting; the scales having to be manually adjusted to register her weight at 25 st.

Shock, disgust and self-loathing at her actual weight gave Shauna the determination to make her latest attempts to lose weight a reality. Dietgirl was born. "Writing ‘The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl’ helped me get through and I really hope it helps others."

You will laugh and cry as Shauna takes you through her days at work, at home and rarely, socially. Shauna’s weight dictates her life – what she does, where she goes. Food is everywhere and her determination and willpower to stick to her diet shines through. This is the story of an ordinary person, like you and me, faced with everyday ‘normal’ situations - ‘Diet books don’t tell you how to cope with the everyday grind of it.’ How Shauna faces each day and keeps to her plan is humbling and also very motivating. Weight loss tips abound!

As her story moves on, you find yourself eagerly looking for the diary entry with her weight recorded. Has she lost? Yeah! Has she maintained? Better than a gain in weight. Oh God, she’s put on a pound. You are in Shauna’s story willing her to succeed.

In September 2005, Shauna joined Weight Loss Resources, which has helped her to lose more weight and maintain her weight loss, check her nutritional intake and record her exercise.

Today, Shauna is content with her weight and her life. Of her amazing weight loss she says – ‘I did it through dieting, exercise and a lot of time and patience’.

Truly inspiring! A book which you must read!

WLR Members Say…

It is a brilliant book, and also a brilliant blog -- an incredibly inspiring journey and adventure! I'm recommending it to everyone I know... and I think my mum has bagsied my copy now I've finished it.
WLR Member TheOfficeDiet

I've been hooked on the Dietgirl blog for a while now but the book is really good so far. Funny and sad as well.
WLR Member Fluffie-Bunnie

You are very inspiring and I so felt for your sobbing on the scales moment in Oz!!! Keep it coming girl and a massive congratulations on your achievements!!! WLR Member Shauna, AKA Dietgirl, has written a blog about her experiences of losing a large amount of weight (about 80kg, looks like). She's Australian and a farm girl, has a lovely, down-to-earth and witty approach.

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