Success Story: Simon
Simon (aka Spybey) Diet Program Success Story – Weight Loss Resources

Simon lost 3 stone with the Weight Loss Resources Program.  Read his diet success story.

Success Story: Simon

WLR Member Spybey, Age 45
  Start Current
Weight 15st 10lbs 12st 10lbs

Dieting History

I've never tried any "organised diets" or joined diet clubs.

I have worked out my own diets by cutting out those things I know to cause weight gain (i.e. alcohol, fatty meats, dairy produce) and by calorie counting by guessing what I thought would be a daily intake to help weight loss.

I once half-heartedly followed my wife's "Weight Watchers" program but found the converting of different foods into "points" and "groups" too fussy and confusing. I gave up after a fortnight!

Over a 6/7 year period I have gradually gained over 3 stones (my heaviest was 16st 12lb - although I lost a stone of this before joining WLR) and was already a stone overweight before piling on this extra 3 stone!

Any diet program (usually an annual New Year's Resolution) resulted in a one step forward - two steps back situation, where I would lose perhaps ½ stone then gradually put a whole stone on.

I found that giving up smoking 6 years ago seemed to change my metabolism, made me comfort eat and made controlling my weight very difficult.

On Being Overweight…

At my heaviest I think I sadly went into denial. I was quite happy to think of myself as "big" or "heavy" - almost in a sort of positive way.

I had played rugby as a youngster and being big in this environment was always perceived (by other rugby players anyway!) as a desirable advantage.

Despite this, earlier this year it became impossible to ignore the physical effects of being overweight - back problems and injuries, a constant feeling of lethargy, not being able to bend down to tie shoe laces, breathlessness at the slightest exertion.

And then of course there were the constant jokey jibes and "big bloke" references - even from those quite close to me - which are easy to ignore for a while - but not forever.

Finding the Motivation

In June this year I saw a video of myself (at my biggest) in a swimming pool.

Something clicked and I suddenly saw someone I hardly recognised! I realised it was time to do something serious about losing weight.

My main motivation is health based.

I suffered a major heart attack at the early age of 39 (six years ago) and although I have been able to reduce my cholesterol levels and control blood pressure despite being overweight, it is nevertheless extremely dangerous for me to continue carrying around excess weight.

I want my children (a boy of 11, and a girl of 9) to grow up with a healthy and fit dad!

Discovering Weight Loss Resources

I was surfing on the internet looking for a book to give me the calorific values of everyday foods when I came across a link to WLR.

The free trial tempted me to try and I've hardly gone a day since without visiting the site!

How Weight Loss Resources Helps

The main help of the site is the support for "the discipline of dieting". Forcing myself to fill in the daily entries in the food and exercise diaries is invaluable in giving me control over my food consumption.

The other main benefit is the volume of simple, straightforward information and guidance.

The calorie database is terrific and has given me a real insight into where I have been going wrong for years!

The site takes the guesswork out of dieting for me - you know precisely where you stand on a daily basis.

I think men are a little daunted by the idea of attending diet clubs at their local village hall!

Something to do with male vanity and the ridiculous idea that these things are for women only. Joining WLR means that men no longer have these excuses!

The Best of Weight Loss Resources

I mostly use the food diary, exercise diary and the food/recipe databases. I always read the new articles and general diet and health issues.

I sometimes look at the message boards and have noticed how supportive and informative any communications are.

I once posted a message of encouragement to others when I reached my hefty 2½ stone goal.

I was thrilled to receive 8 replies of thanks and reciprocal good will. It really does make you feel as though you are not alone!

Simon's Tips for Losing Weight

Dieting isn't easy. It's a depressing fact - but the main reason why fad diets attract so many people.

If it seems easy, then it must be good!

Unfortunately so many of these programs don't work on a long term basis because they don't make you change the way you eat for life.

Weight Loss Resources says it simply: Eat less fat, reduce your calorific intake, take exercise and keep going.

The "keeping going" bit is really the most important and, for me, successful bit of the WLR program.

It's relatively easy to diet for 2, 3, 4 weeks buts it's 2, 3, 4 months that really makes the difference. I found the site very helpful in this respect.

The main tip for me would be - in spite of any plateaus, backwards steps or disappointments - stick with it longterm!


It might sound corny but finding that it is possible to lose nearly 3 stones by joining an internet based diet program has been a life changing experience!

I've always failed with diets before now - this time I feel that I've really done it and that I'll never return to the status of being "obese".

It took 10 years to build up and 6 months to remove - surely those 6 months are worth it?

WLR has been the support that has helped me to use those months to tremendous advantage.

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