Supermarket Chefs: Tesco 1200 Calories-a-day Easy Diet Plan

Supermarket Chefs: Tesco 1200 Calories-a-day Easy Diet Plan

By wlr's resident foodie Joanne Putney

This time the Supermarket Chefs Diet Plan is designed for people who shop at Tescos. This series of plans aims to provide the convenience of getting a diet food delivery service, at lower cost and with more control.

Incorporating a healthy selection of Tesco ready meals and single serving products, it's a quick and simple way to ease yourself into portion control whilst still getting a nutritionally balanced diet with 5-a-day.

At the last update (September 2018), we priced this plan at at £49.36. Bear in mind that this includes some items that you can use over subsequent weeks - which represents around 30% of the total cost.

Ongoing, this plan, or one very similar, will cost around £49.

This plan is meant for people who want to lose weight, and contains around 1200 calories a day which, for most people, will produce a weight loss of around 2lbs a week.*

Day 1 – Monday

Muesli with Yoghurt and fresh strawberries and blueberries


Greek Yoghurt with Muesli and Berries

Egg salad sandwich from Tesco


Egg and Salad Sandwich with Tomatoes

Tesco Duck Noodles ready meal


Beautifully Balanced Hoi Sin Duck Noodles, Tesco Healthy Living

Houmous with cucumber and carrot sticks


Cucumber and Carrot Crudites with Houmous

Tesco lemon slice cake


Lemon Slice Cake...

There's three meals each day: Breakfast (250cals), Lunch (300cals) and Dinner (350cals); a healthy snack and a delicious treat too... Whatever your weakness (chocolate, cake, biscuit, crisps, savoury or sweet?), we have the treat for you - plus you can eat it safe in the knowledge it's part of the plan. Win win!

Day 2 – Tuesday

Omelette with cherry tomatoes


Cheese Omelette with Fresh Tomatoes

Tesco sushi meal


Vegetable Sushi with Cucumber Batons

Tesco Chicken roast dinner ready meal


Tesco Chicken Roast Dinner

carrots and grapes in a snack pot


Grapes and Carrot Batons

Tesco onion ring snacks in a bowl


Onion Rings Snacks

Each day also has a 200ml milk allowance which you can use on cereals, add to your tea or coffee, make into a delicious smoothie with fruit from the plan, or simply drink. Take a free trial to add the Tesco diet into your meal planner so you can experiment with different food and quantities.

Day 3 – Wednesday

Weetabix in a bowl with banana slices


Wheat Biscuits Cereal with Banana

Baked sweet potato with melting cheese and coleslaw


Baked Sweet Jacket Potato with Cheese and Coleslaw

Tesco cod mornay ready meal


Cod Mornay With Mash And Peas, Tesco Healthy Living 

Yoghurt with blueberries


Greek Yoghurt with Blueberries and Strawberries

Tesco milk chocolate malted milk biscuits


2x Chocolate Malted Milk Biscuits

There's no fiddly weighing and measuring to do, almost everything comes in simple serving sizes - whether that's 1 slice of cheese, 2 chocolate biscuits or ¼ cucumber. We thought you might appreciate that!

Day 4 – Thursday

Banana and blueberry smoothie


Banana and Berry Smoothie

Individual cheese and bacon quiche with salad


Cheese and Bacon Quiche with Salad

Teso thai red curry ready meal


Tesco Thai Red Chicken and Vegetable Curry with Rice

Cashew nuts and raisins in a bowl


Cashew Nuts and Raisins

Dark chocolate squares


2 Squares of Dark Chocolate

The plan makes the best of Tesco healthy eating, using ready made meals from their Healthy Living range and healthy snacks. You'll also get more than your 5-a-day, every day... a low calorie, nutritionally balanced plan for the week.

Day 5 – Friday

Porridge with strawberries and blueberries


Porridge with Strawberries

Tesco reduced sugar and salt baked beans


Beans and Tomato on Toast

Tesco sweet and sour chicken ready meal


Tesco Healthy Living Sweet and Sour Chicken

Cheese chunks and grapes on cocktail sticks


Cheese and Grapes

Sweet and salted popcorn in a bowl


Sweet and Salted Popcorn

For the weekend, we've ditched the ready meals for a couple of quick fix dinners that are easy to scale up to serve 2, 4 (or more) making them suitable for sharing with friends, partners, family (even the kids!) They won't even know they are calorie counted unless you tell them... Oh, there's even a sneaky glass of red wine!

Day 6 – Saturday

Toast with smoked salmon and scrambled egg


Smoked Salmon and Egg on Toast

Tesco cheese and coleslaw salad bowl


Cheese and Coleslaw Salad

Tesco meat free lincolnshire sausages


Meat-free Lincolnshire Sausages with Sweet Potato Chips

Houmous with carrot and cucumber sticks


Carrot Sticks with Houmous

glass of red wine


Glass Red Wine

All this delicious food for just 1200 calories a day - who'd have thought it possible?

Day 7 – Sunday

Tesco pancakes with blueberries and strawberries


Pancakes with Yoghurt and Berries

Tesco ginger, lime and chilli chicken breast


Tesco Ginger, Lime and Chilli Chicken Breast with Tesco Sweet Potato Mash

strawberry trifle


Strawberry Trifle

Salad with smoked salmon


Smoked Salmon Salad

glass of milk

Milk Allowance

Don't forget, you also have 200ml semi skimmed milk each day

Mini Italian breadsticks, Tesco


Tesco Mini Italian Breadsticks


*WLR diet plans are designed to produce a healthy weight loss of 1-2lbs per week, based on UK Health Department estimates of average daily calorie needs for men and women in the UK. Of course, not everyone's needs are 'average', so predicted weight loss will differ from person to person. For a more accurate idea of how many calories you need as an individual, you can use the WLR tools free for 24 hours here

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