10 Ways Weight Loss Resources Beats MyFitnessPal Hands Down!

If you’re thinking of tracking your food and calorie counting to help you lose weight then you’re probably considering which online service might be best for you. There are many sites and apps available now to help you count calories with a food diary, but losing weight successfully is about so much more!

For a lifestyle change that is going to help you to lose weight and maintain that loss you need somewhere you feel at home – a caring and comfortable environment that is focussed on making things as easy as possible for you.

1. Food database accuracy and ease of use

If you’re using a food diary system to count calories in order to lose weight, then you really do need to know that the calorie and nutrition information you’re using can be relied upon.

Before the World Wide Web you had to do this using a pen and paper, food packaging and research. The internet has made it much easier... plug into a food database that has some food diary tools on top and you’re sorted, right?

Wrong... the accuracy of the database is paramount to your calculations for weight loss. As one of our members said; “Inaccurate data is as bad as no data”.

On top of that, if searching the database and finding what you actually ate is difficult, frustrating and time consuming then you’re less likely to stick with it which could really scupper your efforts towards your goals – and that’s before you even start to think about if that database has relevant and useful serving sizes!

“...it’s free, but it’s not as user friendly as WLR and the database doesn’t appear to be as accurate... trying to enter chicken breast, and the options were multiples of cups or ounces... there was no way of entering 137g.”

ANNIELU June 2015

“There aren’t 3000 different entries for a banana in the [WLR] database here! OK I exaggerate a little but MFP has a terribly unreliable food database that just goes on being added to by its users with nobody checking the entries. It’s very difficult to find an accurate entry for anything on there unless it has a barcode – even then it doesn’t recognise a lot of items”

SOOZ68 June 2015

“I tried MFP but found it almost impossible to navigate the database as there were so many unverified entries for each food item. And at the end of the day, if I am counting calories towards losing weight then there’s absolutely no point in counting inaccurately. We can put food on the database ourselves with WLR but before the entry is ‘released’ for all WLR members it is verified by the help team. So total confidence!”

KASPKAV June 2015

“Your [WLR] database is so much better and the MFP one is not as user friendly as it actually looks.” – LEIPS May 2015

“I find WLR a lot easier to use than the MFP site, the data is all verified not just user entered so a lot more accurate... Not having to scroll through hundreds of unverified entries from the US to find something simple like chicken breast is a big plus too.” – ANNIELU June 2015

2. Really Supportive Forums and Community

When you’re trying to lose weight the journey is personal, sometimes emotional and will always have its ups and downs. You’ll no doubt also have many questions along the way and a group of like-minded people who are going through similar things can be invaluable – but only if this group is understanding, supportive, friendly, non-judgemental and not offensive.

The WLR forum message boards are a private place where members can share stories, ask for help and talk about the ups and downs of losing weight 24/7, in an amazingly supportive and nurturing atmosphere, which is a credit to our members.

“... the [MFP] data just wasn’t good enough for me and the forums aren’t in the same class either. I honestly think WLR is in a class of its own” – SLIMJIM June2015

“Personally the forum and the challenges are what makes this [WLR] better for me.” – ROZLINEVE86 June 2015

“The boards on here [WLR] are helpful and fun too ☺” – SOOZ68 June 2015

“I have tried MFP before but prefer to pay to use this site as it... has an almost family feel to it. I like the forums, although I don’t post much, I just lurk! Plus the Helpteam are great.” LITTLECAR June 2015

“I joined MyFitnessPal and downloaded the app – but I didn’t find anywhere that felt like here [WLR] ☺” – ELKAY June 2015

3. Superfast, Experienced and Knowledgeable Help Team

When using an online service for any purpose it can sometimes seem faceless – online contact forms instead of phone numbers, days and days before an email is responded to or contact details buried so deep you need internet scuba gear to find them can leave some of us feeling like the personal service is very definitely lacking!

Our Helpteam are empathic, understanding, supportive, knowledgeable and most importantly – available! By phone, email, through a dedicated message board or by direct message from your account. They’re available outside of ‘normal’ office hours and at weekends and will answer any site queries or weight loss questions within 30 minutes during Helpteam hours. They are here for you in minutes, every step of the way... whatever you might need them for.

“I tried MFP but found it almost impossible to navigate the database... And finally for me the [WLR] Help Team – they are helpful, efficient and quick to respond and most importantly I think knowledgeable. So if you’re stuck with anything or just want a bit of advice you can be confident of getting the best.” – KASPKAV June 2015

“I’ve tried MFP before but prefer to pay to use this site... the [WLR] Helpteam are great.” – LITTLECAR June 2015

Other features you get with Weight Loss Resources not currently available on MyFitnessPal (July 2015)

4. Create your own daily food plans to help you plan ahead making it easier to manage your food and weekly shop.

You can make your own food plans by adding foods to a plan to save for later use and, if you’ve had a day that really worked well for you with foods you enjoyed; you can even save a food diary day as a plan to use again.

“I use the plans a lot... It includes everything I typically eat... and weights and amounts can be edited once it's added to the food diary.” TABIETH

“If I have a day when I am pleased with what I have eaten I click on the Food Plan icon at the bottom right corner of the food diary... You can then name the Food Plan like Day 1 or Low Carb Day or whatever you want and save it. Then if I don't want to plan any particular day from then on I can access that day's food from the "My Plans" which appears on the side of the food diary. I have a week's worth of these available.” KASPKAV

5. Get ideas for individual meals that fit the calories you have available

and suit the level of cooking you want to do using the ‘Meal Ideas’ tool’, or full plans devised by Dieticians and Nutritionists for single days or even weeks at a time. With either of these tools you can add the meals or full plans directly to your food diary in just a couple of clicks.

“The site is full of ideas. Via your food page you will see links to the Plans Database and the Recipe Database, have a browse of those and you will find ideas to keep you going” ANNIE5

6. Get personalised food plans based on your food preferences and customise them to suit your needs.

You can use our Planbot tool to answer questions about your food likes and dislikes and how quick and easy you want your meals to be. You’ll be provided with a plan that fits your lifestyle that is easily customisable if you want to swap some items in or out. It will even give you some calories to use flexibly – either on daily treats or to save up for a social occasion.

“I think the site is a great, you have the ideas of ‘planbot’ and the flexibility of making your own choices... Just thought I’d up-date you on how I’m doing with ‘Planbot’ – well I’m very pleased to report I’ve lost 3lbs this week – I love this new tool! It has made me realise I can eat more variety of foods without feeling guilty, it’s brilliant!” SUSIEQUE

“For me, one of the best things is that the food suggested is plain food - I hate those diet plans which comprise unusual food difficult to source or not likely to be favourites.  But beans, bacon etc is great.” KASPKAV

7. Print shopping lists directly from your account so you know exactly what to shop for

– whether you’re planning ahead yourself, or using one of Weight Loss Resources Plans, you can easily view and print shopping lists so you don’t have to take the extra time writing everything down just for a trip to the supermarket.

“Once you have made your plans you can also use the shopping list facility by ticking plans you can add to the shopping list and then everything in that plan is added up and hey presto you have your shopping list nice and easy.” MELHOCK

8. Join site run interactive Challenges to help keep you motivated.

Our Challenges are built into the site and can help you to get started, give yourself a boost and keep motivated to stay on track with your goals. From the summer Holiday Countdown Challenge to the Little Black Dress Christmas Challenge, through a January boost with the New Year New You Challenge, our Walk the Weight Off Challenge in the early spring and more.

On the Holiday Countdown Challenge:

“Another week completed... and 3lbs lost this week! This challenge is so working for me, if anyone has any doubts about joining or is thinking about joining, just go ahead and give it go. You have nothing to lose but lbs!” JAYBEE63

“I love it too and am the same about being reminded to tone. I am also ridiculously curious to see what they will add to the picture each week!” VANESSALING

9. Get extra help with developing better food and exercise habits

with our Slim Habits Challenge, which is always available in your food diary. Fully personalised to you and your habits, it’s a 12 week programme to help you start to break unhelpful habits and form new, healthy ones. And, if you want to, you can submit your progress directly to our team here each week for immediate feedback and help tailored to you.

“I'd recommend signing up for the Slim Habits Challenge... There's a questionnaire first so it's tailored to your individual needs. You're given tasks to do which hopefully will develop into new habits. I gave them a try and can honestly say they've helped me towards a very positive mindset. I noticed the other day that I'm *habitually* eating (and drinking!) more slowly these days, so something I consciously practised during the challenge has become an unconscious habit. It did what it said on the tin!” REDBEE

10. Have the option of signing up to a one-to-one telephone mentoring service

with specially trained mentors who can help you to recognise and strengthen your key motivations and coach you through to sustained weight loss.

“It was brilliant! I was very impressed with the knowledge and professionalism of the person who worked with me.” WORTHTHEWEIGHT

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