Jamaican Chicken Stew
Healthy Recipes from Around the World – Jamaica

WLR’s Sarah Massey and Laura Meads take a closer look at recipes from around the world and turn them into tasty, calorie controlled dishes.

Healthy Recipes from Around the World - Jamaica

By the wlr team

Sick and tired of the dull British weather?  Praying for your summer holiday to arrive already?  Bring a little sunshine to your kitchen this month with our recipes from Jamaica!

Jamaican food is known to be hearty and filling so while it’s cold outside you can fill up on these low calories dishes.  Each Jamaican recipe is less than 450 calories and both are quick and simple to make. 

Made from fresh ingredients, our first Jamaican recipe is Jamaican Tuna Steaks & Rice.  High in protein and low in fat, tuna is an oily fish known to contain omega 3 which is good for your heart and even your skin.

Our second Jamaican recipe is a tasty Chicken Stew.  Chicken is also high in protein is and low in fat.  Always make sure you trim any skin or fat from the chicken to keep the calories down and grill where possible.  Turkey or beef could also be used in this Jamaican recipe as healthy alternatives. 

So, why not check out our low calorie and low fat versions of two traditional Jamaican recipes and spice up your healthy eating plan!

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